How do you dream?

sometime sun
Reply Wed 23 Jun, 2010 11:18 pm
Thank you, you are of course correct, it is just I am also interested in others interpretations and I am a little slow as well.
I much rather dream my dreams and sometimes get them down than analyse them.
I'm not that great at self awareness either, even though I inspect it to within an inch of its being.
All my best.
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Reply Thu 24 Jun, 2010 01:16 am
This going to sound strange, but I can only sense that I am experiencing the dream in the third person when I am "killed" in the dream itself. And by killed, I mean life threatening injuries, which lead to my dream dying and me awakening. It's always first person otherwise.
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Soul Brother
Reply Thu 24 Jun, 2010 08:35 am
@sometime sun,
Interesting. Another dream with an unusually estranged 1st person setting (as I am assuming you weren't adopted), but at least on this one you were your own person (actually I am not clear on this), you mentioned you were in london, but do you mean you as in really yourself, or as a different person? also did you have an american accent? if yes, then it would have been interesting to experience your own voice with an extremely different accent.

You mentioned that this was before the merge, and that it now seems prophetic. Do you think it was saying something of what is to come in regards to this?

It is said that all things experienced in dreams are symbols that express great meaning, feelings and emotions, and values with respect to the beholder's actuality. As in regard to what I think this dream meant, I have my ideas but I will abstain from expressing them.

More importantly, do you know what this dream meant? wether or not you do wish to find out, have not yet or have already, all the best Sun.

sometime sun
Reply Mon 28 Jun, 2010 07:23 pm
@Soul Brother,
I was myself as a different person.

I had an American accent talking to my American family I think,
and I think an English accent talking to Englishmen.
But both sounded natural and neutral.

Yes I do think it is still a prophecy playing its self out.
I am not yet alone left on the station platform but the time will come.

I have some ideas but I also know my own interpretations don't know more than what I do already, so need to ask others as I do not know myself all that well when I am by myself. I hope that made sense.

All the best to you Soul Brother
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Reply Sat 25 Dec, 2010 03:48 pm
Whenever I dream, a majority of the time it tends to be a rather frightening experience, due to my dream's ability to maximize the terror throughout the duration by switching from third person and first person at different intervals. When a horrifying occurrence takes place, I am in first person and experiencing the full impact of the terror. Now during these nightmares, if there is an excerpt of the dream that is actually pleasurable, I automatically go into third person, watching myself for a second then the scene fades to black (making me unable to see what went on, so for the rest of the dream I just assumed it happened to me and I make references to it although I never actually experienced it or witnessed it fully) , and there begins the first person horror scenes again. Everytime the pleasurable scenes come along, I feel such intense disappointment because I felt that I deserved to actually be happy in the dream after the horrific occurrences. It's quite frustrating!
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Reply Sun 26 Dec, 2010 11:05 am
I almost always dream as if I am experiencing the dream from my own body and seeing it through my own eyes. I have had a few dreams when I was "out of body" and watching myself from above. Interestingly, these have all been dreams wherein I was committing acts of violence. Given that I am essentially a pacifist, this makes some sense. It's as if my psyche doesn't want to participate or consciously admit that I am capable of violence.

One in particular was very vivid. This guy had attacked my home and raped and murdered my sister. I chased him down, pinned him on his back, and with blades in both hands started criss-cross cutting deep into his chest and abdomen. As this was happening my perspective switched from a first person participant to a floating third person observer watching myself carve until there was a rectangular box-like hole that had consumed all but an outline of his torso. He was miraculously still alive, arms and legs flailing, face seething with anger and pain.

Like I said, I am "essentially" a pacifist, but I recognize there are potential situations...

I just thought of another "out of body" dream wherein I'm flying/dancing in a gravity-free globe arena, like the inside of a giant ball. Music is pumping from the center and people are dancing in mid-air. At first I'm a participant, then I am suddenly watching myself dancing with others in what seems almost like a cellular or atomic experience, like we're floating in air or fluid and the walls of the arena are a membrane. Is there a parking lot out there?
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Reply Thu 11 Aug, 2011 06:30 am
I prefer to sleep on my left side for my best dreams. Negative ones come when on my right side.
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