Philforum: Did you know that Chai2 wears mens' boxers??

Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2010 01:17 pm
Huxley wrote:

chai2 wrote:

well my expanse of ass is of a quantity that there's no creeping.
just imagine huxey, what a thong must feel like.

Anecdotally, I had a friend who wore male-thongs because of his expanse of ass. He said they were much more comfortable than conventional underwear: You just had to get used to them. I know this because we acted together.


do you wear underwire bras?

Oh, no! Down with the patriarchy, I say. Wink Well, I'm also a male, so I'm not taught to do so. (though I have worn bras before. Terribly uncomfortable, IMO)

You're very funny huxley!

re thongs, why would someone have to "get used to them" when there is another solution that immediately comfortable.

I find underwire bras comfortable, if they are the right fit.

That's the biggest problem women have with bras, we are all so different it takes a lot of experimentation.
Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2010 05:02 pm
Well, I didn't say I understood it, but that was his explanation for wearing a thong -- no interference in the rear, but defensively comfortable on the front. I was curious. So, getting used to it was worthwhile, according to him. I just took his word on it.

Re: Bras. This must be why I found it uncomfortable. I hadn't experimented a great deal in wearing mine. It was more of a one-night fling between it and I.

Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2010 05:02 pm
With a thong, there is no panty line. And Alex says my butt looks a lot better with the thong, so there. Two reasons to wear them. Oh another one - they're already up your butt (but you don't feel it), so you don't have that panty-creeping going on.

Live a little, Chai, and try a pair. How 'bout I buy you some? According to She and Iz, you're just an itty bitty little thing, so you're probably a Small.
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Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2010 06:14 pm
Glad to see you making yourself at home here.
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