The Unshared Senses

Reply Wed 28 Apr, 2010 01:33 pm
You may want to play this song while you read or play it first have the flavour of the sound in you senses and then read once it has ended.
YouTube - The Werewolf - Moby - Natural Blues
The Unshared Senses

Robot iris has no hew
My reality is overly used.
Is overly you.
Unimparted thought is always a may be.
May we reunite? be we?
Is imposition?
Foremost on me,
Further on you.
But all i can view,
Is your hidden eyes,
Transparent me,
In mirrors deceive.
Reflection is on you
Lens captures only sunlit rooms.
Me is the root weed,
I try to press your flower
Me is inbetween We.
Locked in glass houses,
No door adjoining rooms.
I do not thrive.
Sight sore

My next sense catches
Flitters through your filtters,
I stench of rotted wood
Myrrh, that bitter perfume
Sage so far smoke,
I breeze to not choke.
Encouraging instinctual doubt
Soaked to the coar
Your rain-wet woolen coat.
Your mused missing musk
Me sweating for your work
You smell of Earth lust.
Digging out the dirt,
Soil enough for six feet of worth.
Deep is the hurt.
Raw at trying to capture the your
Discipating cure youth.
Marking my intentions,
Widely the wind ignores.
Scent is poor.

Hearing impared,
When only listening for,
Explanations fresh oiled door.
Appreciation soundless score.
Open the ears to hark a herald,
Leading the booted soldier record
To trample on notes sublime
Strikeless chord, left on the floor.
Unstruck by still starless night
No one is following the deaf sky,
To hear them sing
Monotone fright
Whistels blown,
Alarm alone.
Angels puff they do not wheeze
Empty music,
Voices freeze.
Fall back on blumb
Because i cant catch your voice,
With out resonance duet
Solo choice?,
Sounds of silence

I wait on the blossoms blume into fruit
Share with me,
Your sun rippend juice
Savour the apples,
Overhanging scrumpy from his high garden wall
Sensation running, dropping them all.
Are you ever alone if you have seeds to sew?
Your bowl i cannot sip from
You cook your meal for one.
I am not your flavour
Dear trouble saviour
Do you distinguish to extinguish?
A flame of my finesse.
But i am not to be nibbled,
Swallow my whole,
Do not just sample a soul.
Savory the story, truth to be told
The light we could but for would, share,
Is sweetness myth for the bold.
Love never grows old.
Age and singulaity has soured my face
Afraid the empty time has made of me,
Lonely tastes of disgrace.

Enterprise of the within
With-held is where we begin
Craddled in mothers sling
She took the arrows
To gift us all tomorrows.
Which is where you live
So be soft with your touch
But do pinch me to let me know,
I have never been too rough.
Shake me awake if i'm never enough.
Smooth my tempers,
Stir my humors,
Comb my waves with your fingers tips,
Re-Print my memory which lingers lips.
Your puzzle, my problem we could agree?
Origin of love is physical heat,
Companion need.
Reply with a polite smile of thanks
Nod your head when you see me shake mine
Aches the skin for its conclusion
To carress, to flex, to hold your best.
That I need only him to feel, to rest,
Is the God delusion.
Captured God i would be fool to compare
Because holding you is reviving suns-flare.

My senses are the worlds words,
I wish to adore,
Love is sensed weak.
Better is love lived deep.

My dreams may make of my more than your,
which is why i need you to direct and play in them.
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Pepijn Sweep
Reply Wed 28 Apr, 2010 02:11 pm
@sometime sun,
Lucid dreams is the name of a poem by a friend of mine; have to read it again.
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