Censorship in Schools, how far is too far?

Reply Mon 6 Jul, 2009 07:01 am
My school in Switzerland was pretty good, I learned a lot of stuff, I just got the impression though that it was a tad prudish. Never once did we get lessons on sex ed, drugs or what to do in case of bullying, all that I learned through bitter experiance! You know how it is, the only reason I'm so talented in those areas now is because I screwed up massively Laughing...No seriously though, I know kids have to, sometimes be protected from the truth, but within reason surely! To be fair, it was an International School!
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Reply Mon 6 Jul, 2009 08:28 am
The question seems to concern itself with two questions, really. The first is naturally about censorship itself, and the second is whether it is appropriate to exclude certain subjects or topics from children because they are of a certain age.
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Reply Wed 8 Jul, 2009 03:55 pm
Educational progressions:

5 or 6 groups, of 5 or 6 children, with proportionate one-on-one interaction with facilitators. Each stage gets more specifically targeted to individual proficiency hierarchies.

In other words, general to specific, kids are nurtured toward their highest and best. This approach is fairly parsimonious, while at breaks between and after school, children balance off the efficiency of schoolwork, with more aesthetics (even the degree of separation between aesthetic undertakings and proficiencies, helps transform the child to their best).

So yes, generally censorship helps attention proficient children prioritize direction (as opposed to ADD and ADHD), but on the other side of the equation, providing the necessary data for proficiency facilitation, helps further individual development, and therefore group cause.
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Reply Thu 9 Jul, 2009 12:18 am
Where is the line though, you have education versus ignorance and what is seen as morally wrong to teach chidren, (being a prude in other words).
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Reply Thu 9 Jul, 2009 02:50 am
I think your own prudishness is evident that you are not after an answer to one thing but two. So let's get down to the nitty gritty of your question.

You weren't taught about sex ed. By this do you mean that you had no idea about anatomy and reproduction or are you specificly tailoring your question to find out when is the right time for your daughter to be told the appropriateness of performing *******s and what not. In all seriousness, what are you expecting from a school that your parents shouldn't tell you.

Bullying. Now lets be straight about this one as well. I will have my child learn to defend themself. I know the instructor so I am guarenteed of the discipline involved, as I am also a student. If a child is a bully to my child, they will suffer the ramifications in their persistance. What can a school do except put the child in a corner, tell the parents who generally think that the one being bullied is a sook so they don't really care or suspend and eventually expell the child to the dregs of a society. Rather , I would, that my child sets them on their ass and helps to make sure that they bully no other as well.

Parents with no sense of discipline tend to raise children with none. Bullies raise bullies and I am making sure my child is being raised with a sense of decorum, discipline and self awareness. Now if you want your school to raise your children, pray tell me what gave you the thought of having a child. Did you loose your teddy and want something alive this time, is your child a mistake or a guinea pig for discovering the faults you did in the same fashion, just to prove you weren't so bad. Just unlucky.
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