Egotism(self-centeredness) V. Independance(self-suffiecentence)

Reply Wed 21 Apr, 2010 12:09 pm
Tried to place this right and this seemed like the best fit
I woke up this morning in the early hours of the morning with an odd notion in my head, the difference between the (self-centered) egotist and the independent (self-sufficient) person. thus far I've managed to create a paradox of sorts in which one cannot exist without the other, that is to say, in order to be self-sufficient one has to be on some level an egotist, maybe not to the polarized extremes as we see in modern days but still all in all an egotist.
now this would seem illogical, because we know that every egotist is not self-sufficent and that every self-sufficient person is not self centered, but the medium point really doesn't seem to exist, it always seems on or the other.
The reverse is not true in the same way; we see that one person can be both and that one person can be neither.
Really any loop in this paradox would help; I haven't even broken wind on the rest of the subject because of how 'back-logged' I am on this paradox.
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Reply Wed 21 Apr, 2010 01:17 pm
I think being self sufficient is inherently non-egoistic. You are ensuring that you will not need help, allowing it to be given to others instead of you. Could you explain the paradox to me?
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Reply Tue 4 May, 2010 10:20 am
I know many self-sufficient that are self-sufficient becaue they don't want to exploit others, and as Jebediah said, wants the needy to recive the help instead.

I myself abhore to get help, but ask help from time to time, basicly I'm very helpful and donate things without wanting anything in return.

I always readily lend out my video tapes to class mates in school, without asking money where as others did.

My basis of reasoning to be self-sufficient is not to be a leech on others, but also get the experience from unexperienced to experienced. If you just get everything served without any effort from youself, you will be sorely ignorent about the workprocess and the deeper value of things. Many decadent people does not understand the value of the fruits of labour, therefore grow bored and sad, because they cant appreciate things.
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