To kill an ant or to kill a human...

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@Why phil,
Why;58837 wrote:
Common sense tells me if I were to kill 5000 ants for no reason other than pleasure, I'd be a crazy mass murderer. Yet If another person was to kill 1 wasteful, nature destroying human, they'd probably get 20 years in a cage.
We say we value life, I say we value human life. But why? Humans are the reason that the world is going to sh*t. I'd say we are only doing the earth a favor by ridding it of another wasteful human.
Crazy humans and their nonsensical ways...:nonooo:

This sentiment disturbs me immensely. Being anti-human is literally being anti-self - unless of course you are not a human ;-) I often observe people reject their essence, their need to be sociable and the need to find their niche. This mentality that rejects the value of self and others around us, is antipathetic and arguably misanthropic. We need to recognise the personal nature of our fellow men.

Sanctions are relative to this biological intimacy; murder is exclusively a contextual term exclusive to organisms that are human and in possession of personhood (that is legally endowed rights). Ants simply cannot be "murdered". Pragmatism supersedes any ultimate view, as universal reciprocity of mutual respect is merely inviable when we honestly recognise the Darwinian egoism that permeates in our constituents - every primitive iota of us wishes to continue to survive and it is only our intellectual "supremacy" that allows us to doubt our existence and inherent biological foundation to preserve self and specie.

- Minimal.
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