Ten billion trillion other me's or Alans

Reply Sun 14 Jun, 2009 02:39 pm
A dream

One day I found myself walking down a long road and as I made each step or movement I could feel a billion trillion other selves moving off infinitesimally steps from the path I thought I was taking. I was taking.

Who amongst this infinity of Alan's was the orginal? Was it I that walked the path faintly aware of ghostly other Alan's reaching outward, inward and in every at every speed, through all eternal time frames in an infinity of directions into a different eternities, multiple other dimensions realms planes and universes so strange to the self that I saw myself as a being of light at times a being of dark at other times, then translucent, then opaque, then colorful and then monochrome.

We Alan's after a trillion billion epochs of time came together. I saw different aspects of myself stretching out with me in the middle and all my other companion selves gathering around my central point like a immense uncountable crowd of similar Alan's , stretching out into the far distant infinite night and day, light and dark, monochrome and blazing colors.

Those closest to me seemed to be an exact identical copy of my present condition. But as I looked further out from my central point I observed increasing differences in the other selves from the infinite parallel or multi- universes from where they came.

Some were older much older than present me, others much younger, others more beautiful and others less. Some were vibrant and happy others weak and frail. Some handsome and some really ugly.

Standing on the shoulders of Alan's next to me I looked out at those other selves and saw that they had become alien and had little of my appearance and were made for strange world unlike earth. But the awareness of each in their essence was a near reflection or close mental image to my earthly self

I was then prompted to look downward and then upward. Upward were the infinite dimensions of the spirit, light and joy downward were the realms of dark and despair... There seemed to be a bottomless black abyss going downward and a huge unimaginable dome of heavily light going upward each with planes and steps of progression or regression

Then time began to have no meaning, fast forwarding to the last moment before the next creation or back to the beginning or stopping at any moment at will

A huge unimaginable beautiful mandala made up the composite Alan and I saw it merge into the light of the ultimate mandala.

All around my combined mandala were others more beautiful and less beautiful like blazing galaxies in the great void of the cosmic night

All mandalas started to revolve at greater and greater speeds and all existence began to vibrate at a frequency higher than ever before and all the mandala started to merge one by one like huge island universes until only one mandala of infinite immensity remained.

This creation had become one with the Divine

What do you guys think about my little essay?

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