Positive affirmation use the I am"

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Here Are affirmations that help one become and overcome negativity in our lives


We gather together in the pure perspective of Soul Consciousness for in the daily and outer activities, there is a certain attraction and a certain focus on family, environment, and other concerns and needs of the mental, emotional, and physical nature.

Even in the midst of approaching the outer world from these perspectives, there is always a link, a connecting point. There is always an instantaneous opportunity to connect with that which is the totality of our being, the totality of your consciousness that is the consciousness of I AM, the consciousness of Oneness.

There is never a separation, although from the consciousness perspective there seems to be a focus that draws one away from the center of their being. That is of course why it is so important to meditate, to reflect, and to feel the inner presence, to know the inner presence, and to know the truth of your being.

The Attributes of the Soul which are real. They are knowable, they are immutable, unchangeable, and eternal aspects of the created presence of the soul.

These Attributes are the connecting link; they are the window to understanding and knowing the Oneness of the universe and the Oneness with the Creator.

It is a very simple process to discuss and to feel the Attributes by simply acknowledging their presence, acknowledging who you are. By "I AM" Affirmations below. I freed myself from the bondage of a very serious bipolar disorder by using these affirmation on myself
State this daily

I AM Spirit. I AM the foundational energy that goes forth on waves of Light from the central core of Love. I AM Spirit that is the animating principle of Light that carries forth creation into all aspects of existence. I AM Spirit that is the linking consciousness to the consciousness of Oneness. Spirit flows in and through all of creation. I AM Spirit.

I AM Beauty. I AM the essence of the creative experience that is the qualitative statement of expression of Spirit moving in and through creation. Beauty is my nature. I AM all that is Beauty. I AM the Beauty within every cell, within every atom, within every collection of energy patterns that permeates all of creation.

I AM the Mightiness of creation. I AM the Might of the Creator that is the stabilizing and control component of all existence. I AM the Might of the universe that gives strength and stability to the creative process.

I AM Harmony. I AM the Harmony of the universe where all is in perfect balance, perfect Harmony. And I AM the conditions of Harmony that exist beneath the surface of all relationships within the context of all activities. It is only the externalization of ego, mental and emotional needs that disrupt the Harmony. I AM the absolute Harmony of creation.

I AM Life. I AM the Life Force that is the result of the flow of Love and Light into creation. I AM the Life Energy that sustains the process of evolution of consciousness. I AM the Life Energy that is the substance and the sustenance of all creation.

I AM Truth. I AM the one Truth of all existence. There cannot be two truths. I AM the total embodiment of the Truth of who all souls are for I AM the singular Truth that is the Truth of all creation.

I AM the Intelligence of the Creator manifesting in and through the created experience. I AM the Intelligence of the Creator that brings forth the wisdom and understanding of the entire process of creation. I AM the Intelligence of the universe that is always available as a reference point for the processing of experience and for the coming into the realization of the Truth of one's being.

I AM Image. I AM the reflected Image of the Creator within the soul. I AM the presence of the Creator in its entirety within the soul. The soul is created in the Image and likeness of the Creator. I AM Image.

I AM Reality for within the context of Reality all is known, all is understood, all is complete, all is combined in consciousness as One. The Reality of existence is known through the Intelligence of the universe, through the assembly of all of the Attributes into a composite understanding. I AM the Reality of all that is. Nothing else exists outside of the Reality that I AM.

I AM Opulence, the Opulence of the universe, the fullness and completeness of all that exists is within the context of the Opulence of the universe. There is nothing lacking. There is nothing missing. All that is needed for the soul to evolve in awareness and to remember the connecting link to the Creator is always available. There is never a need that is not met. The Opulence of the universe is magnificent. It is infinite. I AM Opulence.

I AM Light. I AM the Light of the universe. I AM the Light that permeates all creation. I AM the Light that is the inner glow of understanding that rises to the surface of consciousness as a soul awakens to its true nature. I AM the Light that goes out on waves of creative experience that is always available and always exists for the purpose of bringing into the fullness of the creative experience the Reality and Truth of all existence. I AM Light.

I AM Principle. I AM the Operating Principle of the universe and I AM the Principle upon which all creation exists. I stand alone as the singular foundational element that is the capstone of all creative experience. There is always a Principle of operation.

There is always a Principle of existence that underlies all created experience. I AM the Principle within the context of the Attributes of the Soul. There is the consciousness of the soul. I AM the totality of Soul Consciousness. I AM the total combination, the total unifying presence of all Attributes within the soul. As the soul evolves into the awareness of who and why it is, the consciousness of the soul blends with and is One with the consciousness of the Creator.

I AM the consciousness of the soul. There is nothing lacking. All that you are is contained within the consciousness of the soul.

Know the truth of your being. Reflect often on the Attributes. Understand the inner meaning of the Attributes and apply, with purity of motivation and purity of intent, the Attributes in every aspect of your existence and you will come into the fullness of knowing who and why you are. I AM, the Love, the Light, and the Life of the universe.

Try it
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