Who am I? who are you? who are we? what are we?

Reply Tue 13 Jan, 2009 03:20 am
This essay has been removed by me and I will only post it under the creative writing forum if requested to do so

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Reply Tue 13 Jan, 2009 05:29 am
@Alan McDougall,
I have gone to many places

Ya I went on a trip like this too once... it's called acid.
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Alan McDougall
Reply Tue 13 Jan, 2009 10:41 am
@Alan McDougall,

It was no acid trip. It was the result of extreme manic brain.. I took years to find out how I could control mania and make it work for me.

Yes you are correct about chemical induced weird experience. During a very extreme state of mania ever neuron, cell, light up and you have a portal into other realms

What gave those experienced but the drugs were intrinsic and endogenous, the Brain simple floods and over flows with intense energy.

Every emotion , every sense is unimaginably enhanced.
Serotonin , dopamine, endorphins and a host of other brain chemical put one in an altered state of consciousness that no drug can equal.

The flooding of feel good hormone Dopamine gives a high that cannot be equaled.

Cocaine induces the brain to flood itself with huge quantities of dopamine.
Reply Tue 13 Jan, 2009 11:00 am
@Alan McDougall,
Well, I won't debate whether or not this happened to you, because there's nothing to debate really. Which is why this should be moved to the Creative Writing section along with the other post of yours that was moved there this morning. This isn't a criticism, believe me, creative writing is ace.
Reply Sun 25 Jan, 2009 07:30 am
Just a point since i am a bit of a druggie!
It is a common misconception that dopamine is the feel good chemical.
It is most definatly not a feel good chemical.
It is the intensity chemical.

I used to do a drug called GHB and that lowered your dopamine and made you feel great. Then when it wore off you got a dopamine rebound whereby your dopamine would rocket up.
It did not make you feel good. It just made you feel over stimulated/wired.
Its like with high doapmine the voltage in your brain is turned up.

So the high dopamine with cocaine simply gives you a feeling of everything being intense. It is in fact the endorphins that give you the euphoria.
Its the same with serotonin. Every says that it is the HAPPY drugalso because of mdma/exctacy.
Again it is not. Serotonin is the depth chemical.
When serotonin is higher things seem deeper or richer.
Again it is the endorphins that mdma/exctacy produce that give the euphoria.

So to sum up dopamine is the intensity chemical, serotonin is the depth chemical and endorphins are the euphoria chemical.

The reason people get it wrong is because the dumb scientists who come out with all this crap have never taken a drug in thier life so they dont know what they are talking about.
Alan McDougall
Reply Mon 26 Jan, 2009 06:45 am
The reason people get it wrong is because the dumb scientists who come out with all this crap have never taken a drug in thier life so they dont know what they are talking about.

Scientists are not dumb if it were not for them you might have still be living in a cave eating raw flesh. Smile

And dopamine is the feel-good brain chemical but not the only one. Runners become addicted to the endorphins highs produced by exercise

The drug GHB does not lower dopamine in the brain , it inhibits its uptake between the neurons.

In the manic brain it is not just one neurotransmitter that goes haywire, the whole bunch flood the brain and every neuron in the brain lights up like incandescent lights. And unlike the drug high it can go on for weeks or even months at a time. :shocked: Not nice

Science does not really know how the brain neurotransmitters act in the brain , especially serotonin

But like uncontrolled drug use if not brought under control it can lead to death

My advise to you is to get clean ASAP :listening: :nonooo: :nonooo: no no
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