Particle / Wave Duality Revealed

Reply Fri 21 Nov, 2008 05:04 pm
validity wrote:
This collapse of the wave-function is triggered by observation.

Ok so disregard my last post when I mentioned schrodinger.:brickwall:

I did not realize that the wave function was the superposition state. I thought that the wave and the particle were two single function states of the subject and the superposition was immeasurable, unseeable. Oops.Surprised
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Reply Fri 21 Nov, 2008 06:05 pm
Thanks once again Pangloss an interesting read as Wikipedia usually is. I have no idea why, or what the point is, of trying to discredit the results of these experiments. In fact, if the only way to explain a result is by invoking the notion of a bullet then it is very probably correct to conclude there is something wrong. Is there any experiment with particles where the result can be explained only if the particle is a bullet?
Holiday - the creation of a particle is a precise jump in energy to create something that may be considered at best as partially condensed energy (as I understand it). It may not have dimensions but it does have a focal point and it does carry the behavior of its creation into the experiments described.
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