The meaning of TRoN...

Reply Fri 7 Nov, 2008 10:57 am
Sorry I was on Holiday Razz

o <--white part <-----Singularity

- <--Phase convergence

0<--black part <---dark matter

Watch the Matter of things video

Notice I crush the mass into a ball on the white o side?

Notice the pulling forces of the dark...did you see it expand indefinite?

As it spins remember the "wobble".

If I pull harder on the strings..Notice it spins faster?

E=MC^2 <--- Speed increases mass linearly.

rule number one was;
"A body in motion tends to stay in motion"
rule number two was;
"Where their are forces their are always equal opposing forces..

Help Link 1

Help Link 2

I also said in my many posts, if you were to see an out of dimension object it would look like liquid metal with odd movements and shapes..


What do you see without the light?

TRoN is not one thing it's all things in one...

Code:TRoN - o <--In White

TRoN - o <--split the circle in a x, top white, left black
bottom black, right white

Call this dual Convergence

TRoN 0<--In Black

Remember the Pulsar? The most dense object in the universe besides a blackhole is a Neutron Star.<--great link here btw!


This is for allot of reasons..let keep it rather simple..

Neutron is a zero charge particle
Since they are neutral they compress each other, since there is no opposing force they are literally zero.
Since the NeuTron was the single source of what started that fission explosion(Atom Bomb).

Why the poor Neutron well the little guy doesn't get repelled by anything!
The equal forces that would have pushed it away couldn't have happened.
Since the Neutron was neutral in charge, it split the atom and 2 more neutrons are released splitting more atoms at the speed of light c.

Since this is the fasts spinning object of the worlds beyond, I showed how you can get it to spin so fast...The more mass up here in limbo the more tugging forces from above and below. Like when I streched the strings, it spun faster and wobbled less.

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Reply Fri 7 Nov, 2008 11:19 am
Laughing , yeah I get the holiday joke.

Shouldn't we be able to mathematically determine what a 4D object will appear like to us? Even if it is moving...

Without the light I don't see anything.
Reply Fri 7 Nov, 2008 11:31 am
LOL sorry had to do it....Holiday pm'ed me with some questions by-the-way..hehe

Remember no bounds?

Try my post a while back...

Get a cup of water... Sit it on a nice stead object..hover your lips in the center..... Then blow in the center of it keeping a tight / stead flow of air..look similar to say...I don't know what a black hole does?

Remember there is an event horizon but that is just the edges..The center is the void.. The black force ties...

Every..yes every thing in the sky has a black-hole center binding..Lets say a full ground-state for anything...Above you is white-hole...its' a fulling positive state.... Your tied to each if you know it or not;)

Welcome to the milky way <--who controls time now?


You are hereWink


Holiday20310401 wrote:
Laughing , yeah I get the holiday joke.

Shouldn't we be able to mathematically determine what a 4D object will appear like to us? Even if it is moving...

Without the light I don't see anything.
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