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Now, I know this post isnt on topic with the forum in general, but I just wish for as many people as possible to read and react to this piece.
I call it a vision only because it played itself out to me as I fell asleep about a month ago and the next morning I just recorded it. I didn't set out to write this, it told me to write it.
So please give it a look and let me have any feedback. Positive/negative, or whether you have a comment on the structure or message of the writing, all comments are welcome.
So here it is:

About one week after I opened my eyes I had a waking nightmare, I had just finished researching things until 3 in the morning once again and I had disengaged from my computer hoping to be able to fall asleep. What I received when I laid my head down was nothing short of a horror story, it unfolded to me in the span of fifteen minutes but the story stretched on for decades. I woke up the next morning and was determined to transcribe my vision of what may be.
I am not saying it WILL be like this, it is an extreme version of what I fear may be a very real thing going on within this world. If you read this and don't want anything similar to this you need to begin your research on the N.W.O.
So, here I am, eyes open as they have ever been. A warrior just moves past emotionlessly as my body still falls in a slump, I have been wounded, no death yet; only a short amount of time left in this zombie run world. Maybe I should explain this all from its start, how did we get here from there, this world used to be such a free place in comparison. Although in the big picture I think we didn't even have the freedom I imagined we did, it was being leeched out of us the whole time while the smokescreen of nice things and easy lifestyle was thrown up in our faces. We went along falling right into the "mainstream" we allowed them to temper our opinions, to forge our anger and hatred into a tool unlike any that man had ever created. I am just as responsible for this current state of the world as the zombie-soldier and the zombie-drones, for not standing up at an earlier stage in their plans, for not telling them NO.

Who can say when it all really started, I came into this world in the year of 1985. I grew up in a world that had become snug and fit in the materialistic lifestyle. We had grown past the times of serious revolt, things had the illusion of calming down, maybe that was just another phase in their plan, or maybe it was when we subconsciously submitted and conformed into the animals they had been working us towards. I know that I grew up spending the first 20 years of my life with no sight at all for what was going on behind the curtain, I have no remorse for this because at least I enjoyed the two decades ignorant to the threat that was building up its steam. Ignorance truly was bliss, but it would only lead to the force fed "bliss" that the town on this islands coast suffers from today. You can walk out from this cave and hike a mere 5 miles to a town that may never feel the true joy of emotion again, and this continent was thought of as safe from this N.W.O only 5 years ago.

I have seen 73 years on this earth now, and I am proud to say that I have experienced every one of them. My brain is as intact as the ancients and I will die with my right to live life, I can die at peace for I have withstood the storms this sea of humanity has been accursed with.

So in lieu of the actual start of all "this" because that may very well have been 2000 years before my time, I will give you the tale from the year 2008; the year my eyes first cracked open. It was one little video, along with hundreds of its kin, posted on the last free forum this world has seen. It just happened to cross my path one day and I had to really step back and look at the destruction of our twin towers. Like so many others I didn't want to, I wanted to go right back to the comfort of it being a simple attack, it was comprehendible then. To see the victims as a victim of vengeance, something sick and twisted in its own right was nothing compared to the idea that 3000 people may have died only for the cause of this global dominancy that has turned 90% of the world population into their own personal serf's. Back then their intentions were not apparent, you could only figure it out through independent research, but the agenda was there, it had existed all along.

I was 22 at the time but after my initial exposure to the idea I went on a research binge, I could not force the thoughts out of my head and I assumed if I researched it I could make up my mind, one way or the other. Unfortunately I did not find any information that could cleanse my mind of the lingering doubt that something was indeed going on. Events seem to have been scripted as far back as I looked, the more information I found the farther away I got from the security of ignorance. Within a weeks time I was utterly convinced that this underground machine had been manipulating the human species for many generations, I mean hell, they had already had enough audacity to name themselves in a speech given by then president George Bush; they had reached their final incarnation as the New World Order.

Time passed and I had wasted nearly a month doing nothing but research, I would wake up with it on my mind and it would keep me up even when I knew I wanted to go to sleep. I was damn close to losing my mind, I almost lost right then, they almost won. My family noticed and while some completely closed their mind to the ideas some did understand my fear but at the same time they knew as well as I that I was becoming too obsessed. I had a life and a little girl to raise, so I gathered control of myself, I used the reigns that humans had all but forgotten to wield and brought myself back to reality. I broke away from my hunt for truth and began to live life again. Probably the smartest thing I could have done, it gave me time to grow to experience this beautiful thing we call life. My daughter grew, and through time taught me more and more about how complex and simple this whole existence can be, together with my family I experienced all the sweet emotions which have been extinguished for all my brothers and sisters of humanity today.

I went on with life nut all along the fear of that unknown power rolled around in the back of my mind, demanding to resurface every so often. I watched the people of the world grow as well, 10 years passed and the two sides of humanity grew steadily apart. On one side, the much larger side, the people just wanted to keep their eyes closed and by playing along they fed more and more power into the wannabe "rulers" and their hidden agenda; and on the other you had those of us that were beginning to see and were not scared into averting out eyes. I could see it then, 23 long years before the formation of the F.W.O, there would be a Revolution. It was not possible that 100% of the population could be fooled by the game; no matter how well the stage play was being orchestrated there would always be those who see through the cracks. Maybe we could have organized it better, maybe we should have struck first but that just isn't the way of life for those of us that recognized the problem. Whether we struck first or not is not the importance though, I knew almost since my first glimpse at the N.W.O that when they made their final step for the throne we would band together and shout NO. I never imagined it would happen in my life time, but it makes sense; while my eyes were only beginning to open there was a catalyst of power going on all around me. The powers that draped their oily fingers through all the events in history manipulated us with such subtlety that by the time they were ready we were all but willing to hand over our entire lives, our very souls to these monsters hungry for power and riches.

In the year 2012, we came as close to the transfer of power from Congress to Executive rule as we would see before the actual marshal law was implemented in 2018. We were threatened with EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 by the administration in effect when Americans rioted over the setting up of one centralized city state in the lands of Palestine, only recently having been "cleansed" and occupied by Israel. The riot was centralized in Washington D.C., the third centralized city state that was created in this manner, but because the violence wasn't widespread enough to warrant the actions Congress was able to make the mask for the N.W.O back down. The shadow merely slithered back and regrouped to wait for its next attempt, this machination that controlled us already was good at the waiting game, it had managed its time well for 2000 years; they had no problem with waiting another decade.

The dissident movement continued to gain its own steam though and it was only a matter of time until the people that knew became more and more separated from the governmental ties. The people saw themselves as a separate faction, the first people to stand up and fight back against the ever steamrolling machine. They were the first of a long line a freedom fighters that have given their all to the fight against this monster. I probably could have joined their ranks a lot earlier but I only sat back and watched, you could almost see the black tentacles that regularly invoked violence and betrayal at every gathering of protest. Something was manipulating them as well as everyone else but at least they knew it, they always regrouped and always stood in opposition to the tyrannical groups that lied behind the curtains. The problem with all of this though is that the Federal Emergency Management Agency was created with the sole purpose of protecting and transferring power over to the N.W.O when the American public did just this. The people that molded all of this knew that when they came to the final step in the process that the true of heart would take their stand, everything was a part of the plan.

By 2016 the anti-N.W.O had grown into a machine with the potential to make a stand and truly have a chance to secure the freedom of mankind, with 2000 years of missed time we had a lot of undoing to do. When the first true organization for our cause was created, named simply VIVE, I was one of the first to sign up. For two years I was only a name on the list but when the N.W.O first stepped into its new powers I was placed right into a war the likes of which had never been waged. Well, in all actuality, it had been going on for thousands of years, we were just then seeing the threat for what it truly was and taking the war to it. The powers that had amassed themselves had the complete upper hand, the warnings that complete decision powers would be given to the government were always there but when they stepped in and actually took control of every aspect of life the populace was taken by surprise. Total control of all power, sustenance, and military forces in the country were used to easily separate the herd able from the dissidents and the communication in and out of the country was almost completely shut down. We were left isolated and blacked out in the southern portions of the country. The N.W.O quickly began setting up for a long and drawn out game, once again ready to take the time to send in its tentacles to manipulate the minds it was gaining ever more control over. While we were certainly hunted and killed in the barren places we were left to inhabit, it was apparent that they were holding back, avoiding any major battles that would show them as the genocidal monsters they had become. The media in the other half of the country began immediately demonizing and placing as much disinformation in the people's minds as it could muster, our people took the place as the new terrorists and much of the world believed they were opposed to the peace and unification of the N.W.O.

The world has been brainwashed and mind-****ed since as long as history can document, this attack on the human psyche is the tool we should have been fighting since the beginning. We can bring the world back from the precipice of certain doom, but it will take a multigenerational healing process. In order to begin the healing of humanity we must remove this cancerous group that has relied on the damaging of humanity to attain its total control over the globe. These were the ideals that kept me going, that made me stay alive and fight my hardest when confronted with the forces that attacked us discreetly on a daily basis. Time went on and we began to manage our movement towards the long game, there would be no immediate form of attack we could plan that would result in our overpowering this monstrous machine. If we had pulled the rug out from under them when we had the chance we may have avoided the devastating lose we were looking at in our future; but that was the past, it had come and gone so the only thing left to do was to plan the future.

In the year 2021 I became a part of the strategic council geared towards working out a plan of everlasting subterfuge and underground survival that would be necessary for the continuation of a generational line that could continue the work of our dieing movement. Many plans always boiled down to the implication that we could never survive as a singular movement. We were playing right into their plans to become the last nation for them to crush before the eyes of their public. Our slow procedural destruction would be displayed prominently in the media as an elimination of evil and the N.W.O protecting its people, once gone completely there will be nothing left to withstand an eternity of rule under one bloodline. From the time that the N.W.O have stepped into power our reported numbers have been dropped from 89,000 strong to a mere 23,000 recorded resistance members. There would be no last stand within this country I grew up in, I would have to abandon it to the machine and relocate our main operations. A tough decision had to be made, 7 men and 7 women were to be chosen and sent with a handful of guards to make their way south into a less claimed portion of the world. Of course the global dominancy was already being set up on the continent of South America, but it was the last nation to submit so the chances of finding a place to nestle in and become unknown before the N.W.O were fully set up was high. A pilgrimage would be made on foot, and would end on the shores of northern Chile. The families would split up and take separate paths towards the same goal, make it to the meeting point and set up life among the locals only finding each other once we have created a well guised underground. The plans were worked on from the inception of the think tank and were debated, revised and improved until 2028; the N.W.O was occupying more and more land and it was becoming apparent they were gearing up for one final strike. We had to make our move.

Two families were intercepted before making it into the second phase of the plan, one was brought in before crossing the border, which had become an extremely well guarded wall designed primarily to keep us in. The other family was found out trying to settle into a southern Brazilian city, which let us know the dangers that that existed even here. The tentacles of the N.W.O reached far with influence alone and their grip on this continent was growing ever tighter. The five couples left alive managed to blend into common life in various cities up and down Chile's coastal line, it made it very easy to rely on home trained message pigeons to keep our communications off of any traceable grid. Four years after the final departure, we had found a corner of the globe on which we could exist long enough to create the next generation of free souls. By 2035 we had become proper Chilean families and began to bring our children into this world, my mate and I received a son on May 4, 2036 and I named him Sol as a token of appreciation to the giver of life. The act of child conception had become a tool of war and no longer held the emotional ties of love that it once did, but it was still a beautiful thing in my eyes. We were able to bring this soul to life and for a few years the life of parenthood gave us happiness and almost made unnoticeable the plight of the world around us.

That is, until the boot of the N.W.O came down upon the countries around us. The resistance in the north had all but perished and the minds behind the takeover came to the immediate conclusion that we made a retreat. This may have been the first time we executed a plan well enough to fool the other side. They only came down and squeezed their grip long after we had become internalized into the world around us. They were performing vast sweeps of warfare and digging up as much as possible to find runaways while walking right up to our homes, taking records and moving on. We had the wool over their eyes for the first time and it was an exhilarating surge of hope that ran through us all. While a great cover is a thing to be proud of, we knew that it could only last so long; in 2038 we began holding meetings on a wild island just off the coast. An aboriginal village was present on the surface and nothing else; it was the perfect place to detach from the world of the N.W.O. We immediately began work on underground bunkers and by 2040 we had set up a base of operations that would be the final launching place of our last plan for hope. Our first official meeting between the five families that remained was held on July 4th 2040, as a respect to the day in which our freedoms were originally established, and we became the F.W.O. in order to fully align ourselves against the machine that was conquering the globe all around us. Meetings of this nature were very dangerous because the N.W.O had the continent watched very closely, we did years worth of planning that one day and we parted ways only to return every 5 years on the date.

In the meanwhile my wife and I made the most out of everyday with our beautiful child, the beauty of life could still be located, it was just lost in a murky grey film that was slowly taking over reality. You could watch the other families growing more morose every day and when a picture of the citizens of the NAU managed to make its way into the public it was a horrible shock. They had become nothing more than living dead, it must have been something they were feeding these people, the skin was no longer pink but a dull shade of grey, the eyes darted never focusing long enough to really see anything; they had made a race of slaves that didn't mind slaving because they couldn't even think it was wrong anymore. Although here we had our own food, we grow it we process it, there are no unnatural contaminants; it gave me hope to watch my son play and to see the much brighter aura he put out, you could almost see it rejuvenating the children he would play soccer with. This was what we were working for.

Time passed and we produced four more sons, and they grew into strong young men, I was never more proud of my efforts. Although with the passing of time came also the growth of our enemy, the N.W.O had set up a strong rule in all of South America and we could sense them getting closer to finding us. In the year 2055 during the fourth meeting of the F.W.O, a plan was formulated that would involve a great amount of sacrifice. While the Atreides family and my family would remain in the bunker we had established the other three families would return to their homes on the coast, the sacrifice would be a ways off but within three years two of the families would expose themselves and claim to be the last of our kind; thus throwing the N.W.O off our tracks. That was all to be but at the time my family and I had to make the bunker into a home and try to move on and still live life to its most, some areas of the bunker were converted into recreation rooms so that we could stay active, even deep underground. Despite being trapped in a corner as we were, we managed to stay happy; we got along with the Atreides and formed a wonderful bond. Sol connected in particular with one of the daughters of Atreides by the name of Innocence, they made a great couple and you could almost see them merging into one when they stood together and watched the younger children play.

By the year 2058 it was apparent that the N.W.O had total control and that they would find us even here. The aboriginals of the island had even been subjected to the rule of the N.W.O after the whole of South America had fallen into its grasp; it was only a matter of time before they scoured the island and found our hidden entrance. Sol and Innocence were finally informed of the end of our plans, the younger generation had been left out of the planning but the plans all revolved around the children. The oldest male of one family and the oldest female of the other was to be sent away, to get as far from the controlled lands of the N.W.O., they would procreate and bring about one last generation of hope. The children that would leave were Sol and Innocence; they objected the idea of leaving the families at first but soon realized that it was their duty, the one last chance we had to achieve the emancipation of mankind from this wicked dictatorship. The only submarine we had, an old relic we confiscated in the early years, was loaded up with all our preserved foods and other supplies; the goodbyes were made short because we couldn't stand out in the open long without being noticed. My firstborn son washed away south and while I knew it was necessary my heart twisted in its place.

Two years passed and we had formed a routine, life within a closed space can stifle the soul almost as much as the drugs that the N.W.O administers to its citizens. My seventy third birthday came and passed without any of the old songs, there was not much more reason to celebrate life, my work in this life had finished. It was now completely up to Sol and Innocence, they would succeed or fail but there was nothing left for me to do. I spent my days conversing with my sons and telling stories of the old world to those that could sit still long enough, but there was never enough time to put the true beauty of our ancient freedoms into words. One day as all my sons sat around while I read from a book I had managed to keep all these years, Enders Game, I explained why controlled population was a considered wrong in the old days. I had gotten only ten pages into the story when the explosion we had subconsciously been waiting for all this time sounded in our ears, there was no reason for an alarm, we knew what that sound had to be. They had found the entrance, a motion of force was being carried out and I knew what was coming as soon as I felt the first shaking of earth, I stood and embraced the coming release of death. As the bamboo wall in front of me was blown to shreds the zombie soldiers moved in right through the fire like they didn't even notice it, three shots entered my body almost simultaneously, the method of efficiency burnt into the brains of their soldiers. They knew where to hit a target in order to immobilize it immediately; one shot in the neck, one in the chest and the last bullet misfired landing just centimeters from my heart. That missed shot gave me these last few moments of life in which I relived it all. My soul lamented for my children being struck down right behind me but at the same time my inner eye could almost see Sol and Innocence, far off in the south coming upon an untouched land in the Antarctic. She held a child and they were fitting well into a nomadic tribe of Icelanders, hope would live on. The N.W.O may think they have cut the final loose string but there will always exist at least one free mind.

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Reply Mon 1 Sep, 2008 12:23 pm
WOW that is a very detailed vision. It is apparent that some ominous agenda lurks in the intentions of our "leaders". The real question is how do you stop something that has embedded itself in our minds as well as our life styles. It seamed as if the resistance wasn't resisting just running. So it had no effect on the take over by the N.W.O. You can't fight an army with only one child.

The only way I see to stop the take over is. Is to train the zombies for or own bidding. With out there army they are just some punk bully in the streets. In order to get the population off of the materialistic desire drug you have to come up with a better way for them to be zombies that doesn't feed the N.W.O. Zombies are already dead they will not change back to free thinking humans. They don't want to so take the power of the enemy away and there is nothing they can do. They are the ones that gave use free will and freedom of speech. If they try to stop it then it exposes their hypocrisy's and the mission is complete.

I guess it boils down to who is willing to stand up and fight. So far they have asasinated everyone that has tried. (JFK MLK and so forth)
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