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"Suppose someone invented an instrument, a convenient little talking tube which, say, could be heard over the whole land...I wonder if the police would not forbid it, fearing that the whole country would become mentally deranged if it were used." - Kierkegaard on Television

"On the whole the evil in the daily press consists in its being calculated to make, if possible, the passing moment a thousand or ten thousand times more inflated and important than it really is. But all moral elevation consists first and foremost in being weaned from the momentary." - Kierkegaard on Fox News.

"With every step it takes, philosophy sheds a skin and into it creep the more foolish adherents..." - Kierkegaard on George W. Bush reading Camus

"Beware false prophets who come to you in wolves' clothing but inwardly are sheep - i.e., the phrasemongers." - Kierkegaard on the person who dubbed the phrase "existential threat"

"Hear the screams in the hour of birth - see the death struggle at the very last - and then say if what begins and ends in this way can be intended as enjoyment." - Kierkegaard on Tax Audits.

"What is youth? A dream. What is love? The dream's content." - Kierkegaard on Horny Teens

"Only he who can keep silence can really act, for silence is of the heart." - Kierkegaard on what Politicians ought to do

"The law is this: If the proclamation is true, it must produce what it proclaims." - Kierkegaard on Female Orgasms

"'One must go further, one must go further.' This impulse to go further is an ancient thing in the world." - Kierkegaard on Male Pride

"Why did Socrates compare himself to a gad-fly?
Because he only wished to have ethical significance." - Kierkegaard on a variation of the Chicken crossing the Road joke.

"It is so difficult to believe because it is so difficult to suffer." - Kierkegaard on why BDSM never became mainstream.

"That I exist was the eternal presupposition of the ancient world: that I am a sinner is the new spontaneity of the Christian consciousness; the one can be demonstrated no more than the other." - Kierkegaard on Bill Clinton

"The old man whom I met in the theatre had been going to Don Juan for thirty years." - Kierkegaard on a Dirty Old Man

"Be that self which one truly is." - Kierkegaard on multiple personality disorder

"Don't forget to love yourself." - Kierkegaard on masturbators

"Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it." - Kierkegaard on premature ejaculation

"Patience is necessary, and one cannot reap immediately where one has sown." - Kierkegaard on Dating

"Worldly wisdom thinks that love is a relationship between man and man." - Kierkegaard on Gay Rights

"People think the world needs a republic, and they think it needs a new social order, and a new religion, but it never occurs to anyone that what the world really needs, confused as it is by much learning, is a new Socrates." - Kierkegaard on a Scientology-dominated United States.

"Being a perfect human being is after all the highest goal. Now I have foot corns, that's always a help." - Kierkegaard on sarcasm.

"People understand me so poorly that they don't even understand my complaint about them not understanding me." - Kierkegaard on this forum post
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