Reply Fri 20 Jun, 2008 11:28 am
I figured that posting something would soften the communication boundaries, so yeah, here is a set of aphorisms (debut attempt actually) I wrote in 2006. Long time ago it was, I got to say I shift my thoughts constantly, so what you read here is not a proper representation at this moment. Comments of all shapes and sizes are cordially welcomed. =)


You reach home and takes a shower. The water washes away all the pretentious qualities of you. Washing away your mask of social pomposity. After that, then you are yourself.

Once you awake, noises of trivial chatter and meaningless songs flood you unbridled. Not having any control over them, you are saturated with unwanted inputs, all day and all night. There will be a point you will be overtaken by them - the incessant noises. You no longer can listen to yourself.

In times of depression, think of absolutely nothing. Make no connections with anything. Visualize a lone man standing atop a tall pole, with all the emotions wallowing at the bottom.

No longer do I believe in Good or Evil. God or Satan. Worship of sound actions should be implemented worldwide.

To believe in something, you have to lie to yourself first.

This world is going retrograde.

Bloodshed. Mankind's first and favourite pastime.

Sui Generis. Dare to be a real individual, dare to be in your own league.

Stupidity. The worst sin to commit.

The state of your mind likens to the path you take. Walk along the barren and easy one, your mind would be as clean as a slate, so devoid of growth. And, otherwise.

As mankind advances towards incredible levels of technological and scientific achievements, it also decreases its intelligence.

The human destiny and its vast potential is forever limited by the idiocy of bureaucracy and the excesses of social expectations.

To experience anger, lust, jealously and hatred is all part of the human emotional spectrum. In the course of seeking enlightenment, do not attempt to eradicate emotions. Let it flow around you, see it inflate and then subsequently fade away, but do not engage yourself into it.

Do not get involved with the wild discussion of superstitions and untruthful speeches and slanders of that similar quality. It hinders the clarity of the mind.

If possible, remain completely still and maintain mental clarity at all times.

Religion is a thing for the weak minded, who needs things to believe in. People who cannot believe in oneself. Religions are created by people, for people.

Dictatorships and despotism will, and never, ever work. Same goes for imperialism and monarchism. The leader will never represent its people.

Homosexuals, homopobes and people who chooses to practice a different sexual lifestyle should be sanctioned, as long as life is not endangered. Just like how one has a certain preference for a genre of music, the same freedom of choice should be implemented here.

To be free from stereotyping entirely is only considered to have attained total freedom.

Capitalism - our contemporary economic saviour and our impending mass-murderer.

Thanks for reading!

- Ling
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Mephistopheles phil
Reply Fri 20 Jun, 2008 11:30 am
I used to write metaphors and aphorisms... I think I have some somewhere on Newspeak. I think they were kindof lame though.

I liked yours; I had totally forgotten about them.
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Reply Sat 21 Jun, 2008 12:07 pm
Not necessarily down with all of these, but they are nicely thought out and poetically presented, a very satisfying post.
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de budding
Reply Sat 21 Jun, 2008 03:25 pm
I'm deffinitly going to start listing a few of my own Very Happy.
Reply Sat 26 Jul, 2008 04:42 am
@de budding,
I thought they were really nice. The first few were apt poetry in prose, nice imagery. Do you note them during conversations or contemplations, or did you make them up on the spot?
Reply Sun 27 Jul, 2008 12:14 am
Hey Doobah47, I derive the essence of my thoughts through contemplation. But the actual writing of the lines is a product of sheer spontaneity. =)

I am quite stagnant recently, which tells you that I am uninspired. Haha.

- Ling
Reply Sat 2 Aug, 2008 09:34 pm
I like aphorisms, let me know what you guys think of one of mine, thanks.

Don't place so much value in love! Love is just smoke and mirrors people put up with for years. How soon does love turn into hate or are they intertwined? You cannot have love without hate! The reason why patriotism is so dangerous-love for one's country rears hatred vehemently. Why did our society sell us this wretched ideal? I was naive for buying it! They have taught us the wrong way about life! They do not know how to live!
Reply Thu 21 Aug, 2008 02:30 pm
Okay, here's my first one...hopefully it'll make sense...and criticism and comments are more than welcome.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Sir Isaac Newton. In a truthful reality, these forces oppose each other, yet they are complimentary and co-dependant. On their own, they are both non-existent, for there can be not one without the other, yet together, they are seperate aspects of one 'whole'. Therefore, they are not two seperate things, but facets of one greater whole. Can Winter exist without Summer or vice versa? Without one, essentially the other can not conceivably exist. Yet both of these forces which do not exist, combine to become facets of a greater whole and thus, become 'real'.
Reply Fri 22 Aug, 2008 02:16 pm
Another one...

Apart from as a conceptual idea and state of mind, the practical method of recording 2D is impossible. A 'majority rules' state of mind is not always right. If a teacher draws a square on a piece of paper with a biro and asks a class to describe the shape, the majority will say 'a square'. But really, it is a really small fence made of ink, on a piece of paper. The one who points this out would be an outcast or a 'smart alec'. It doesn't make him or her any less correct.
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