From the stars we came, to the stars we return

Reply Mon 23 Jun, 2008 08:19 pm
Your eyes fail you now, your final wordly link
the black darkness creeps up, long past due
Slowly and surely, it envelops you
where will you go, you think?

Your life was arduous, hard is true
your sleep comes, slowly, you try to cry
You can't stop it, even though you try
you can't escape it, it conquers you

What lies for you, beyond the mist of your mind
as it begins to die, fade away
you feel everything slipping away
like am embrace, sinking slowly into warmth so kind

Your mind begins to shut down
memories of your life, nothing more
than simple faded clothes you seem to have never wore
you're like church bells, ringing, dying, in center of town

Tears form on your eyes, into them they sink
though you don't know it
you feel fear, though you can't feel it
what will happen, you again think?

You can't feel, you can't hear, you can't see
everything is gone completely
you feel death coming for you finally
you are afraid of the death that sets you free

You hear a voice, deep within your head
it's strong, stern, manly, without real care
it comes from nowhere and somewhere
It speaks to you, you know you are almost dead

Fear not the demise of your life!
Should you die, as you have and are
You will finally rest amongst sun and star
You taste the end of life, of burden, of strife

This is the last voice you will ever hear
Lay your weary head to rest
as your final thoughts slip away at my behest
slowly but surely, disappearing is all your fear

Fear not the demise of your existence!
Your life is finally ending
and the pain you have been feeling
is finally beginning to disappear hence

This is the voice of kindness
the voice of compassion, you see
a voice to comfort you and make you finally free
of your burdened life, now quite lifeless

Fear not that the living will forget you!
it matters not in the final, dark end
for you, your mind no one can tend
these things make us all, to ourselves, true

Love the pains you have felt
Embrace the sadness of life as if in a pot it stirs
into all the pains and all the failures
And all the cards you have been dealt

This is sadness' breath
finally your body may lie
finally your mind may die
as you pass into death

Death calls to you, a beauty beyond anything thought grand
warmth embraces you, a warmth of coldness
you fear nothing, finally, you have let go of existence
and everything fades away you take Death's hand.

From the stars we came
to the stars we return
From death we came
to death we return.
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