Ignorance and Deciet

Reply Sat 26 Jul, 2008 07:01 pm
Single do they march. I watch in silence upon my perch of pearls within the safe of my mind. They come for me and seek my end, they know not my role nor their own in this show.

An ascending tower of strings, the pupeteers are puppets and its toys and laughter all the way up. March of the marionettes pulling the strings of the marionettes pulling the strings of the marionettes pulling the strings...A web! A web which captures us all at the moment of our inception and introduction into this world. WE pull away, it ensnares us further, through our own ends are we cut free. The masses let out their tourtured cries. Screaming at the nebulous evils which plague them, holding blazing tourches buring up in the velveteen night sky and all the while the obelisk of sand they built sinks and rises and sinks and rises and sinks and rises defiantly resurrecting itself in the midst of contradiction, melting and reforming in the seas of uncertainty, and its builders peirce the brackish depths with spears of ignorance and brutality unwitting of their sisyphusian state of driven futility.

Chaos and stagnance, the two halves of the wholeThey know that they don't know what they believe but they need the beliefe to progress towards the nothingness tey seek and in reality, outrage is frustration.
The cannot ascend as our progression is 2 dimentional and fluid, a seesaw tipping back and forth speeding faster and faster and faster speeding up while going no where and we cover the surface not knowing that what is beyond the surface is what we seek, and beyond the volume and beyond the hyperdimentional space we cycle at infinite speed with zero displacement pushing our rocks along to build a kingdom which has allready fallen into the earth. Bald faced in our ignorance and pride, as ozymandias we stand in defiant ignorance of our transience.

This was a little stream of conciousness piece I wrote in about an hour at the university library a couple months back.
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