How Jaded are We?

Reply Thu 12 Mar, 2009 09:12 am
Khethil wrote:
This is all quite amazing and proves the initial point quite well. When we see the worst in such things; the seediest and most abhorrent where there isn't cause: What is this, but a reflection of ourselves?

Whether such a drawing was actually, in objective happenstance done by a child or not isnt' the point. The outline of the circumstances in the OP - the setting we ought frame our observations - set the stage that it was. So take that on face-value and what becomes clear is the over-sexualization of culture and the quickest damnation of things innocent.

I think that towards many issues we *have* become jaded; thinking we see 'evils and ill's' many are quick judge. Only a few realize, after consideration, that it was the observers themselves who have imbued such damnations.
Exactly what i was saying and i thought justin was as well.. We see reflections in our view of the world.If a child had seen this drawing he would never see it as adults would.Its not relevant if the story is true or not it reflects our interpretation of an image.In this case it looks obvious so it is not a good example.
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