Earth's Gas Problem

Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2008 04:41 pm
By now mostly everyone on the face of the earth know's or has heard somthing about the warming of the earth due human intervention.

Yet so far such a problem has sparked major inavation's into way's how to off set the warming of the earth, show's on the discovery channle have publicly displayed a few.

Yet so far the only one that I've not seen or heard a single thing about is a "Venting blimp".

It's a simple concept and theory.

Fly a blimp into the stratosphere or which ever place you wish to park your blimp for the nexted stage, the blimp has two long tubes one that hang's down bellow it into the place where a high amount of un-wanted gas is present, and the other tube( or multi-small tube's) exstends into space.

Once the second tube is in space, the vaccum of space dose the rest of the work for you, a small seperator on the end of tube one could selectively allow only the gas which you desire to be vaccumed into outer-space.


For example, a probe or SAT has found a high amount of carbon-M in a section of the Tropopause or Troposphere, so you send a high altatude blimp to the edge of space, and then lower down the straw into the area that the carbon-M was found, then it rasies a half mile(or smaller) tube (or tube's) into space, then flip the switch... anyone that ever seen a movie where a person open's an air lock, same thing happen's.

Yet once the carbon-M is in outer-space it will block the heat from the sun and cool the earth.

There are alot of mathmatical thing's that need to be worked out for it to work correctly.( Mainly somthing that would not allow oxygen to flow out, yet still let carbon-M and methane to flow out).

A tool such as that would give humanity a way to control the warming of earth from forest fire's, volcano's, ect.

It's a better idea than putting up million's of mirror's in orbit to deflect more ray's...(I dont think they would be SAT friendly).

And it's safer than creating cloud's derived from salt to deflect more ray's... (I dont think salted rain would be crop friendly).

Personaly this idea was thought up from thinking of how could someone create an atmosphere on the moon...

The straw would be to long...and cost to much for a money drived planet... And SAT's would most likly hit it...

I'm working on solution's to the few bug's the "Vaccume Space Straw" has. (Aka V.S.S., it was under the code name S.S.)

(The straw is very light wieght... so once the blimb get's the the correct hieght, it shoot's it up into space then the depressurization of the earth will hold it up untill you close the air lock's)

there are alot of thing's that must be done and way's how to do this.

If you have question's plese post them and I will address them.

Also if you see problem's why it couldnt work, please post them so I can address them.

In theory this idea can work, the disign for the blimp just need's to be created, to support the straw, and then the gun that shoot's the second half into space from it's present alt.

Um so there is alot of work calculation's left.
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Didymos Thomas
Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2008 06:52 pm
Sounds very interesting. And, if it works, why not?

Personally, though, I'd rather not spend much time trying to fix the problems associated with mankind destroying the environment. I'd rather have mankind just stop destroying the environment. Time will allow the Earth to overcome our harm if we stop making such a mess.
Reply Thu 18 Sep, 2008 06:58 pm
@Didymos Thomas,
Actually, its an interesting idea... Like Didymus, I think it's a good idea to pollute less, but maybe something like this could help us control long term "normal" climate changes too? Of course there's always the danger of doing the math wrong and messing things up more than they are already... Also, something like this might benefit us all by giving a real solution and taking some of the politics out of the issue.

Seems like it might take an awful lot of blimps and stuff though...

By the way, could something like this help us get rid of nuclear waste? Just send the stuff out of orbit...
Didymos Thomas
Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2008 11:38 am
To send nuclear waste out of orbit, you would need more than a blimp. You would need some sort of vehicle that can carry the waste far enough away from Earth as to be caught in some other body's sphere of gravitational influence, so to speak.
Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2008 05:38 pm
@Didymos Thomas,
Didymos Thomas wrote:
To send nuclear waste out of orbit, you would need more than a blimp. You would need some sort of vehicle that can carry the waste far enough away from Earth as to be caught in some other body's sphere of gravitational influence, so to speak.

Or find a way to take the radiation from the waste (such as water) and re-radiate the spent fuel rod's, and therefore the water could be re-used to cool the rod's or make steam.
Didymos Thomas
Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2008 07:02 pm
I was talking about sending it out of Earth's orbit - I'm no scientist, nor even a hobbyist, so the water stuff is way over my head. Sounds cool, though.
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