Walking in the valley (Poem)

Reply Mon 3 Mar, 2008 05:46 pm
[CENTER]Oh, the thick black fog lies all around
A cold breez goes by and I shake
Laying down, listening for at the sound
Subtle splashes and running like a lake[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Looking, all that is visible is darkness
Black, like the inside of a cave at night
Eyes wide open but it's hopeless
Can't see anything, not a single light[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Trying to move, feels like I'm stuck
Laying on a hard surface, of stone or wood
Feeling pain as if I had been struck
Fighting desperately, I would run if I could[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Footsteps aproaching, listen, cautious
Sweat dripping down my forehead
A stench arises, making me nauseous
What is to come, I can only dread[/CENTER]

[CENTER]Your cool hard finger graces my cheek
I see your face, my blood freeze
Tried so hard but I couldn't shriek
All of a sudden, I feel totaly appease[/CENTER]

[CENTER]You stand up straight, staring at me
Pulling your hood over your grim face
Calming down, beeing released, I'm free
I realize, I am at your grace[/CENTER]

[CENTER]You reach out to me, and I take your cold hand
Up on my feet and nod to you
I now know that I am in your land
And what happend, maybe it was overdue[/CENTER]

[CENTER]You started walking and I follow, don't know where
Releasing all anger, hate, fear and every grudge
It's cold and dark but also very calm here
While I'm walking in the valley next to the final judge
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Dustin phil
Reply Mon 3 Mar, 2008 09:02 pm
You wrote that from the heart.
Reply Tue 4 Mar, 2008 10:50 am
@Dustin phil,
yes i did Dustin, yes I did... Smile
Dustin phil
Reply Tue 4 Mar, 2008 07:02 pm
What inspired you to write it?
Reply Wed 5 Mar, 2008 09:21 am
@Dustin phil,
Not sure...
I had a hard day and was thinking alot.. I was also trying to get a meaning thru with how death should be accepted, but at the same time feared... Also alot of philosophy about religion might have contributed to that ultimate question "what happens after death", although this poem is no belives of mine but only meant to pass the feeling of first complete helplessness and that only when you stop struggling, you are free to go.... Or that death is the only realy real thing there is and nothing can aviod it, and it's only when you are at peace with it that you can start living...

So it was probably one of those or all of the above Wink
Thanks for your comment and question Dustin and also, feel free to rate it Smile
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