"A Day Like Today"

Reply Fri 9 Nov, 2007 12:30 pm
"A Day Like Today"
The sun rises and sin is right there besides us
the earth rumbles with the sound of sleep
how often do I feel the need to be complete

the morning starts to fade as day breaks the silence
wide glances roll and big eyes slide awake
crawl out of bed tired to a new day wired

what do I see? what do you see?
beauty is always fleeting and love is rarely tantric
mind over matter with our hearts & souls the ones to find

day is getting late afternoon arrives as the clock strikes 12
trees glisten as we want to listen and observe how the grass sways
time fades feelings wade as emotions run high as hunger begins to cry

where are we? where are you?
right here all around the music crowns the king of sin
let us tragically sing how we swim through life asking why
GOD knows our pride and sees us inside so let us rewind time

I am a servant your servant how may I serve you
how may I help you how may I encourage you?
with this with us together in harmony

love is the answer to your problems let me show you
are you hurt? are you afraid? that's okay it will get better today
are you lost? are you confused? this I pray for you

Father lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
they try to confuse they try to abuse they leave us infused
Help us Lord to find you in this world of madness and garbage

I want to be clean make us clean from all the insanity
sweeping the world in profanity GOD cure our vanity
help guide us in truth lead us to you

I pray they find I pray they know your son the Lamb
precious Lamb of GOD light of the world our healing for the hurting
yes I hunger yes I hurt yes I sin yes I cannot win

please dear GOD rescue me from myself I cannot lose you when I find truth
letting go of the past tends to linger as a memory simply fading
one day all your life will have faded your memory even jaded

where have I come? where have I been?
on a spiritual journey a life learning embarkment
to know the truth to know you

time and space is an illusion the spiritual plane is what lies beneath
our spiritual souls hunger for home we long to be simply free
society is a notoriety of what it means to be alive

these faces and places are getting old I don't need one more look
heads are bobbing eyes are popping everybody wants to see you see them
famous, people want to be famous but I think really they want to be noticed they want to be loved

people want to be connected with other people we need each other to survive and thrive it's how we are made for a community that's never ending that's the way the Kingdom is built but Earth just seems to wither and wilt

under pressure under the measure of what we need to keep on living are we really living for love? or are we simply swiming with selfishness and burning with some desire to have everythin gone over?

the ongoing story of life's glory it's like a flower that fades with the passing of the morning then day turns to dusk as the night is back in action
people are a hustling and a bustling to get that next fix or next best thing whatever happiness they think they have lasts for a moment and then poof you've been had how unforgiving

I am here to tell you I am here to say come home children come home
come home to him run home to the Lamb he will make you a place you never knew you could ever have!

this is in light of the present days upon us and to try and inspire you folks to be truly human this was about A Day Like Today.
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Reply Fri 9 Nov, 2007 06:25 pm

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful words. It was great to read, brought a tear to me. It's obvious that your words are in sooth.

I guess it is just the nature of love that it has to hide, it has to always be smuggled in through the back door due to a few dark seeds who don't have the moral capacity to act as true brothers or sisters. In that sense love is like gold, it has to be guarded and locked in vaults.

Peace and love to you.

Reply Fri 9 Nov, 2007 08:30 pm
I tried to write about you
but it was all about me
I tried to look outside
I was all I could see
I looked for God in the sky
it was me asking why
I tried to write about you
but it was me about my
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Reply Mon 12 Nov, 2007 09:29 am
Awesome, most excellent

Stay in the Love of the Father in Truth and Spirit, this is the Will of God.
Reply Mon 12 Nov, 2007 06:03 pm
thanks for the warm receptions. I hope that I can inspire awe in others for the sake of the kingdom.
Reply Mon 12 Nov, 2007 08:47 pm
is dat da dairy queendom or da burger kingdom? If I got my choice I will go to Colorado when I die, or the Democracy of heaven. There is no reason to hang any king of mine on a tree as long as a chopping block can be found. I'll haf mind wif unyons and termaters plase.
Reply Thu 15 Nov, 2007 09:57 pm
No one cares about me now
why should I care about you
I guess that means you must be over me
I better get myself over you.

I get all breathless and remember when
and I forget how to breath
I don't remember how to start again
but I know that I must leave

The problem is that outside my door
the city stands as it stood before
twice as lonely and just a bore
Going on for ever more.

I guess I better get over me
and get away where the air is free
My compass broke on a stormy sea
I got to go where life's taking me

And I don't care about you I say
My lips will lie and my heart will pay
as I look back on another day
I better leave is all I can say.

The problem is
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