Spirituality vs Mentality

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Riveting new development! I have just hit another jetstream of discovery. If you read my first post "No Religion Know GOD" well I literally conveyed this to my sister last night and it ending up being a 2 hour long mindblowing phone call! For the record I have attempted to share my philosophy with all my previous christian friends and they were completely unreceptive to any of it and actually rather insulting. My point here is that I am very passionate and it you hear me out it's like justice rolling on like a river. With that said...Let the truth behold and may GOD unfold the mystery that's to be told. Here goes........

<<Phase 2 of a Higher Level of Faith>>
Spirituality vs. Mentality
First off I highly recommend the new film on Quantum Theory called "What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole." This film will blow your mind! It's about Religion vs. Science or rather Religion w/Science take your pick. It is now common scientific knowledge through the research of Quantum Physics that everything is connected through a spiritual realm!! This is a literal word for word qoute from the film. "There is a realm of existence which can never be touched on or seen which bubbles into existence which gives rise to our existence of the world."
They have come up with the concept in Science that the old way of Science is dead and the old way of Religion is dead. Here is another word for word qoute from the film "We need a new spiritual understanding of what it means to be a human being." This comment was made after they acknowledged that the old ways are dead.
The old way of Science says that every object is seperate through space & time but when we take Quantum Physics space & time are just an illusion! These are all in the video, watch it! So going forward the scientists state that the old ways are dead which is largely part of my new found belief. (Since I was partially a jew) I just want to say this is all building up to what will come later, so wait for it, it's coming.

They did a study with microscopic water. Two different versions one tray of water was told "I love you" and one tray of water was told "You make me sick I hate you." The tray of water that was loved turned into a beautiful crystal and the tray of water that was told I hate you turned into this ugly looking virus. Our bodies are %75 water think about if it can do that to water what can it do to us?

So on the precept to Know GOD there is No Religion which is essential for compounding further my next study of theory.
Spirituality vs. Mentality
The answer I believe to the scientists question what new way of understanding our world is "Spiritual Philosophy" If we take Philosophy and apply it to Faith we come up with this combination. Here's my equation.
Reason+Belief x Truth=Who Are U?
Down enough the Rabbit Hole for you? This is my study in spiritual development just think about it!
Art imitates life, life does not imitate art. I loved Alice in Wonderland and Down the Rabbit Hole is kind of like a sequel LOL. Please watch them!
Reason+Belief x Truth= Who are U? or Who you are. Mind boggeling!
So what on earth am I saying..let's take a closer look.
1.Reason meaning Philosophy
2.Belief in relation to GOD,Emotion,Religious,Spiritual,Relationship,Experience.
3.Truth the X factor simply because Truth can be Good or Evil the swirl that goes up or down.
My Diagram works out as follows...
The equation So when you take your philosophy of life and add your beliefs born throughout time and multiply by the truth of what is good & evil you equal Who are u? or Who you are.

Who are U? Is primarily defined as Mentality as your state of being with the absence of real Spirituality.
Who you are. Is primarily the presence of Spirituality as your state of being.

Who are U? Is what you do. What you say. What you are which then determines what you do. This is an identity crisis seen everywhere people with these things define them cars,money,wealth,occupation,status,fame,music, all associate to their mind/mentality. In essence you let people tell you who you are with these symbols. a qoute from an actual actor on a car commercial "This car really express my personality." What a bunch of metal and a steering wheel tells you who you are? Saddlely enough even Religion yes Religion goes as far as a what. Let me show you. "What are you?" I am a Christian, I am a Muslim, I am a Jew. Those are all whats! Christianity I can DO that. However can I be who I am? That's a little more difficult isn't it?
Who Are U? If you want the answer let's go deeper.

Who you are. A statement of being which can only be characterized by GOD through Spirituality. What I am saying is this People of GOD, Children of God, Sons of God, an evolved state of being in the sense of mankind as a whole. This is what I mean. It's not what we are as in as Christian,Jews, Muslims,Atheists,Agnostic,Pagan, It's about WHO we are as People of GOD not Christians of GOD see just doesn't click does it?
GOD is the only one in teh universe that can give you any meaning and purpose in life. In saying that you have no meaning in that things that pass time like spending money & wealth but you have meaning in GOD who encompasses time itself.

To be more frank.
What are we? Human Beings.
Who are we? Spiritual Beings. (This is a question asked by the scientists in the film!)
The what is nature so you just need to be born to be a human. The who is more complex you need to be born of GOD.
People of God follow his Son,Worship the Father, Love truth, Pratice his Law,Read & Study his Word which all excels our beings into overall relationship to GOD. Why? Becuase I know GOD. I know his will. I know him through relation to him. It's an everyday journey. How? well Last night I was telling my sister about all this stuff. While I was I made sense of an example of God's Will.

There was a Guy on the news it's on youtube that got struck dead with a lightning bolt as he was going around selling bibles and crucifixes. Why is that bad? Well listen. This guy was selling bibles and crucifixes. The people on youtube commented how God hates bibles haha so funny. But I know his will and I expanded on the will of God. He was selling them. Do you think God would be happy if he was an advertisement with a price tag? NO!! GOD cannot be bought! What did Jesus do when the Temple was turned into a market!! What happens when people are marketing GOD's word!! That represents love for money not love for GOD! He was filling his pocket not his heart for GOD! If it was me I would give them FREE! that is the true message of the Word of GOD!!

So practice what you preach and walk the walk of faith in love. This study?
<A Higher Level of Being>
Spirituality vs. Mentality Defintions
Spirituality:The state, quality, manner, or fact of being spiritual.
Spiritual:Of, from, or relating to God;Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material
Mentality:the set of one's mind; view; outlook:
So see Spirituality is a higher form of being and those not spiritual are in a manner of speaking all mental. everything they know or believe is in their mind.

I have grown as a spiritual being through adaptation and recognition that everything is connected through a spiritual realm. What I do to someone else effects me just as much as you. It's whether or not I walk spiritually awake not just mentally awake. spiritually alive not just mentally alive. spiritually attune not just mentally attune. Our human capacity for spirituality is always available it's about awakening your spirit to your surrounding that everything everywhere is effected by you. No one is seperate everyone is connected and being spiritual is not so hard because all around us there is another realm. Live for GOD and you will serve others that way we end up loving our neighbor as ourself and becomes a part of who we are. Loved.
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Reply Sat 6 Oct, 2007 03:34 am
What is going on here then?

Reason+Belief x Truth = Who are U?

expressed comprehensively turns out to be this:

Reason + (Whatever you choose to believe) x (Whatever you think is right or wrong)
= Who are U?

which is a remarkably curious way to express but otherwise not at all so mind boggling, more a sort of mundane tautology usually known as "karma".

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