The impossiblity of finding the essence to thought

Reply Sun 8 Apr, 2007 10:37 am
It is argued that thought is pre-linquistic. That any attempt to find the essence of thought ends in self-contradiction or paradox. Any attempt to assign an essence to thought ie language images concepts or any "thing" ends in self-contradiction What ever thought is it cannot be rationally discovered What ever constitutes thought will remain forever a mystery Its nature or essence is outside the possiblities of language and logic to discover. Analytical philosophers claims that thought is language-that without language there can be no thought collapse into self-contradiction and with it the whole anayltical philosophical enterprise of a language based language centred thought philosophy

http://gamahucherpress.yellowgum.com/books/philosophy/contentlessthought.pdf Contentless Thought: Case Study in the Madhyamika demonstrations of the meaninglessness of all views].
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Reply Wed 4 Jul, 2007 07:44 am

The origin and essences of consciousness is reaction,thought is a form of reaction,only more highly developed than in its elementary form.

Reason is the enemy of faith.
Luther, Martin - Wink
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Reply Wed 4 Jul, 2007 10:34 pm
This is something I have pondered on since I was a kid.

What language do we think in?
Reply Thu 5 Jul, 2007 01:15 am
Aristoddler wrote:
This is something I have pondered on since I was a kid.

What language do we think in?

Hi Aristoddler!Smile

I think in some sense humanities first language is that of association,everything in the world seems relative and overlapping.There must have been a time when perception was limited to a blurry whole.Is it not odd that memory and the world at large work much the same,as in relations or associations.Language though is once removed and is an abstract tool,the infinite relations of the world is the stuff of the mind and the first language would be visual.

Today of course we interpret the world in the language of our birth unless otherwise trained.Some people today are yet gifted with a strong ability to visualize the relations of objects in the physical world and to rearrange and manipulate them within their minds,this must have been the first language of all humanity.

There is no doubt the physical world in all its relations is fuel for mind, without which it would self-destruct. Even our dreams are visual representations of objects and often we have symbolic visualizations representations of meaning.So,once more thought is a form of reaction,with all things being relational this reaction had to get more complex,and thus become thought.
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