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Free Sovereigns numbering in the 10s to 100s of millions here in the millennium - sovereign understanding is providing the foundation for a creative transition of the commercial industrial mindset to a bio tek integration with full organic extensions = the state of being extended; a stretching out; enlargement in breadth or continuation of length; increase; augmentation; expansion

Free Sovereign Individuals "jump out" of the silly little game ("the system") to the maximum practical degree. They think and live freely. They create their own new games and make their own rules. Of course, there are "most important players" with guns and jails who try to force everyone else to play their silly little game. Free Sovereign Individuals apply freedom technology to safely play the games of their choice.
Become a Free Sovereign Individual

The idea of a Free Sovereign Individual and what you have to do to become free, may also serve as a guideline to overcome your wimp. In some very important aspects a Free Sovereign Individual is a special breed of human. Below is an example of the kind of basic assumptions, assertions, or affirmations that a Free Sovereign Individual lives by:

  • I am free;
    I own myself (I am sovereign);
    I am responsible;
    I choose the values by which I live;
    I live my life the way I want to;
    I practice association by consent;
    I want others to enjoy the same freedom.
Each Free Sovereign Individual has his or her own set of basic assumptions, whether explicitly formulated or not. Some of the implications of the above assumptions follow:

1. I am free

You can't become free by merely asserting that you are free. I also suspect that it is very difficult for people who haven't lived free to discover that they are free. But people can discover that they control the energy that animates their bodies, and that - ultimately - every action they take follows from a decision in their brain.

My mind and my body are in my power... Whatever beliefs I might have about not being free are beliefs in my mind. I chose those beliefs. I can change those beliefs.

2. I own myself (I am sovereign)

Either you own yourself, or somebody else owns you and you are a slave. By extension, if you own yourself, you own your life, your mind, your body, your property, and the fruit of your labor. Being sovereign and owning yourself are the same thing.

The discovery that you are sovereign also follows from the realization that you are free and that all coercive political systems on planet earth today are fraudulent hoaxes.
The Constitution of No Authority may assist this discovery. I do not rule others, nor am I ruled by others. I am sovereign over my life, mind, body, and property.

3. I am responsible

The realization that you are responsible follows from an increasing awareness of the links between your actions (and non-actions) and their consequences. Your choices have consequences. The kind of life you now lead, your degree of freedom, and the state of your health are consequences of your choices. You have created your life. You are responsible, whether you know it or not.

To a very large extent, I cause my actions, I produce my own outcomes, and I determine what happens to me. Though I realize that while I am free to choose my actions, I am not free to choose the consequences of my actions.

Being responsible also means that I keep the agreements I make.

4. I choose the values by which I live

Whatever moral code you live by you chose it - even if by default. If you decide to live by the "laws of a country" (so-called), that is your choice. A Free Sovereign Individual knows that there can be as many moral codes as there are conscious individuals.

5. I live my life the way I want to

For the most part, this is really an obvious statement of fact. To think otherwise is to deceive yourself. If you wanted your life to be different you would have created it differently through your choices. Of course, we do realize that "chance events" have considerable influence - but it is the victim or slave mentality who blames external factors and feigns helplessness.

6. I practice association by consent

Force or coercion by human against human is a remnant of the practice of slavery. I believe in voluntary association. I do not force or coerce others. I organize my life so as to reduce coercion from others against me to a minimum.

7. I want others to enjoy the same freedom

Other Free Sovereign Individuals enrich my life. Social contact with them tends to be rewarding, business mutually profitable. In general, life is more fun and rewarding among a circle of Free Sovereign Individuals. Benefits result from my successful attempts to assist others to increase their freedom.

Parallel: A rational person seeks associations with other rational individuals, and profits from their existence through voluntary exchange in which all parties gain value.

no need to get caught up in the mechanics of sovereignty - know its place and response-ability in the material world... also many very valid theories shed lite on the nature of freedom itself - whether it has as much to do with things as propaganda would lead one to believe

discipline is more important than knowledge
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Reply Sun 19 Aug, 2007 08:24 pm
@Electra phil,
couldnt have said it better
and im not disencouraging your post at all i agree with you, we should be doing all we can to promote this way of thought but a few questions still arise in my head
this sort of paradigm cannot take place over time now can it?
it has to basically happen to everyone over night in order for it to succeed in my opinion
so how do you propose everyone begins to understand they are sovergn all at once?
if it is supposed to happen (if its destined to happen)
i think it will happen when maybe a huge catastrophy occurs and everyone dies besides the people who already think this way
unless those magnetic pole theorys are true and conciousness somehow evolves in 2012 =P
but we've heard endless propositions like that
i just dont understand how such a great thing will ever happen.. and its unfortunate in my eyes
i like to think all enemys are lessons.. and it seems just walking down the street everyone feels uncomfortable around eachother and everyone is definently not friendly with eachother, the stranger is becoming and enemy, so perhaps this is all somehow a lesson to conciousness as it evolves into this sovereign state?
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