A note on religion...

Reply Wed 16 Apr, 2008 04:54 pm
Asking questions that are related to the topic are one thing, but when a discussion goes from The Original Sin to Stanley Cup Statistics in a matter of two pages, then that is another thing entirely.
The idea here is to dissuade that course, and encourage solid discussions that make sense to people who are joining in to it for the first time.
It's confusing when you see a title called "The Eve Of Babylon" and when you click on it, you find people talking about the price of potatoes. It makes no sense, and discourages new people from joining in the fray, so to speak.

If you wish to start a topic regarding special rules for the religious folk, then by all means do so.
Asking difficult questions is always encouraged, and hopefully those that you ask will get answered in the course of good discussion.
As for holding people accountable...the original post was directed at EVERYONE EQUALLY. Everyone has gone off on tangents on occasion, but the religious threads are most rampant in this regard.

There's no special treatment for the religious community here. In fact, this posting is to keep it more subdued, if anything, to keep it from becoming a chaotic collage of random posts that read like someone trying to speak in tongues with a potato in his mouth.

It's to try to keep the ideas and threads making as much sense as possible.
The feedback here is great, but it has run its course, and is now being locked.

please appreciate the effort we have put into this, to keep everything as easily readable for newcomers as well as the veterans here.

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