The Bombing of Hiroshima in 3D: Horror movie or horrible exploitation?

Reply Mon 11 Jan, 2010 11:55 am
dyslexia wrote:

OmSigDAVID wrote:

dyslexia wrote:
great and a sequel would be the fire-bombing of Dresden.
Maybe the Katyn Forest massacre of 1940 woud jingle your chimes, Dys.
yes, that might be interesting although perhaps not ideal for film making especially the complicit cover-up by the Brits and the USA whom both insisted the massacre was committed by the nazi's. interesting history/politics here david. but then perhaps you would prefer to omit the parts played by the brits and the usa.
ON THE CONTRARY: LET the Roosevelt Administration
be exposed to the ignominy, opprobrium, shame n disgrace that it deserves; I can live with that.

Are u OK with that, Dys ?

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