insurance/new unemployment extension?

Reply Thu 10 Dec, 2009 11:11 am
In MA I just started the latest unemployment benefit extension. I called and was told that the checks would be issued up to 4 weeks worth at a time(the weeks will be combined together) one check Dec. 15 then another Jan. 5-they told me when i called, this is because the new extension is NOT programed into the system yet and hopefully will be fixed by January check. They said to meantime still call in every week as usual. The only thing I still don't get is: I was supposed to have a differant extension start last week which was supposed to be the last extension before this new one just signed into effect recently. Now, I was told that anyone about to start that particular extension will automatically be put on the newest one instead-losing up to 20 weeks of compensation. Other people used that extension and then got this newest one-I and (and i'm sure many others) just have unlucky timing. Am I understanding this right? I even called twice to have it all explained to me.My state's website is not updated to say this(as of earlier this week), by the way-so it may come as unpleasant surprise-especaily this holiday time of year--sorry to run on like that...Now because this new extension is not in the system, my health insurance says that I am NOT on unemployment anymore and canceled me. I called and explained, but it was useless-the system says that I am NOT on unemployment. Shouldn't they have been notified that this was going to happen? I am confused I think I should still have my insurance-since I really AM still on unemployment, no matter what the system says. Now I have no insurance. I am healthy, but you never no what will happen. Has anyone had similar problem the the insurance?
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Reply Thu 10 Dec, 2009 11:44 am
Dayum! Sure glad you didn't actually ask advice. Getting tangled up in a bureaucracy can be a nightmare. Messing with two at once is more than twice the problem. Way more.

It might be time to get off the phone and start making some visits in person. Maybe the labor people can give you some kind of certification, which you can hand carry to the insurance outfit, assuming you can find out where to go and who to see. Keep you attitude upbeat. There is a solution, and someone knows what it is. They won't all go to the trouble of helping. Be friendly.
Merry Andrew
Reply Fri 11 Dec, 2009 01:47 pm
I didn't have your unfortunate experience, fortunately. I moved out of state (MA to HI) and had to go through one helluva rigamarole to get my MA benefits tranferred here. But, other than that, my only problem has been futile job-seeking. There just are no jobs unless you know somebody who does the hiring. My latest extension will end in January. It was supposed to be my last extension, but with the economy as it is, who knows? I might be able to get another extension when this one expires. The people I talked to in MA the last time didn't sound pessimistic about that at all.
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Reply Sat 12 Dec, 2009 01:38 pm
I was told today by unemployment office that there was a mistake made by the last person I talked to and I am getting both extensions after all(good news), but that there is still nothing (so far) that they can do about my health insurance until the new extension is finally in the system.They said keep calling insurance company till they figure it out-but they are closed today. I am sure it will all work out eventually.
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