What are your favorite films of the decade?

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In the horror genre
Drag me to hell,insidious,paranormal activity,dread,the reed,lake mungo,dead girl,triangle(dontknwifit shd me incuded in the horror genre), and there's lots i can't remember at the moment. I will try to get back with more
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In the thriller genre(fantasy,action,crime,mystery)
the dark knight
the prestige
no country for old men
the ghost writer
the signs
the village
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Reply Tue 29 Nov, 2011 05:28 am
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Howl’s Moving Castle
Stardust are some of my favorite films of the decade
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Reply Thu 15 Dec, 2011 01:01 am
hey guys thanks for the replies...you've all got great taste in movies...and i have watched 69% of the movies you've mention but now I've got some more good movies to see.thanks to you all.
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Pamela Rosa
Reply Fri 16 Dec, 2011 03:12 am
No country for Old Men
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Sin City
Donnie Darko
Gosford Park
The Ignorant Fairies
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
21 Grams
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Reply Wed 21 Dec, 2011 05:09 am
My favorite movies are Hangover,Immortals,resident evil Afterlife
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Reply Mon 26 Dec, 2011 07:51 am
My favorites list includes
Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkabaan
Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince
Harry Porter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
Batman begins
Dark Knight
No Country for old men
Mission Impossible 4
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Reply Thu 29 Dec, 2011 10:19 am
Pan's Labyrinth is the first on my list.
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garry d
Reply Mon 2 Jul, 2012 01:02 am
Spider man all parts
The Expandables
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WOS girl 96
Reply Fri 10 Aug, 2012 04:03 am
25th Hour (2002)
Training Day
The Departed
The Prestige
American Gangster
Harsh Times
V for Vendetta
Shutter Island
Into The Wild
Bourne Series
The Terminal
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Reply Mon 13 Jan, 2014 05:19 pm
I remember a young hero and his band of friends getting teamed up with another warrior (that is discovered to be a woman latter on) and is sold out by (HER) king. They sail on a ship to rescue a small boy (a young king Arthur?) that was taken from them by force and left on a prison island. The bad guys hang a old man (Merlin?) that was with the boy, over a cliff on a swinging yard arm. The hero's climb the face of the cliff and rescue them, and slay the evil guards and other bad guys. There are only a small numbered amount of hero's... and all the guys "trip out" over how bad ass the warrior woman is. Also, all male hero's always seem to fight in groups where they out number the bad guys, they are always close to the solo warrior girl... who is always out numbered 6-7-8 to 1 and looks at her fellow hero's in disbelief as they never seem to ever get around to helping her (LOL). The boy finds a sword that was in the hands of a statue of some another dead King.
She also kind of "mothers" the boy... her armor is "Fantasy Saudi Indian" of no time period.

What is the name of the Movie???
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Reply Thu 10 Jul, 2014 10:02 am

here's the winners and nominees for the last 26 years academy awards, up to 2008 that is.
* film i've seen

Frankly, I just wanted to see which movies on this list I've seen or not. And well... rehash a very old post at least once. I think every a2k-er should at one time or another bring up a really old post or topic.

1980 Ordinary People [Haven't seen any of these films, but I can't help but wonder if this is where the song Ordinary People by Duran Duran comes into play...]
Coal Miner's Daughter
The Elephant Man
Raging Bull

1981 Chariots of Fire [The soundtrack to this film, that I haven't seen yet, is my favorite CD of all time. I really ought to see the movie...]
Atlantic City
On Golden Pond*
Raiders of the Lost Ark* [Love that this movie was nominated...]

1982 Gandhi*
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial*
The Verdict

1983 Terms of Endearment
The Big Chill
The Dresser
The Right Stuff
Tender Mercies

1984 Amadeus
The Killing Fields [I seem to recall seeing parts of this when I was much younger... but I am not sure]
A Passage to India
Places in the Heart
A Soldier's Story

1985 Out of Africa
The Color Purple*
Kiss of the Spider Woman
Prizzi's Honor

1986 Platoon*
Children of a Lesser God
Hannah and Her Sisters
The Mission
A Room with a View

1987 The Last Emperor
Broadcast News
Fatal Attraction*
Hope and Glory

1988 Rain Man*
The Accidental Tourist
Dangerous Liaisons *
Mississippi Burning
Working Girl*

1989 Driving Miss Daisy
Born on the Fourth of July* [I personally still feel this is one of Cruise's best performances.]
Dead Poets Society*
Field of Dreams
My Left Foot

1990 Dances with Wolves
Awakenings - Columbia
Ghost - Paramount*
The Godfather Part III *

1991 The Silence of the Lambs*
Beauty and the Beast
The Prince of Tides

1992 Unforgiven* [Love the concept of this movie]
The Crying Game
A Few Good Men*
Howards End
Scent of a Woman*

1993 Schindler's List*
The Fugitive*
In the Name of the Father
The Piano - Miramax*
The Remains of the Day*

1994 Forrest Gump*
Four Weddings and a Funeral*
Pulp Fiction*
Quiz Show*
The Shawshank Redemption*

1995 Braveheart*
Apollo 13
Il Postino
Sense and Sensibility *

1996 The English Patient *
Fargo* [Absolutely loved this movie, from start to finish]
Jerry Maguire*
Secrets & Lies

1997 Titanic*
As Good as It Gets*
The Full Monty*
Good Will Hunting*
L.A. Confidential*

1998 Shakespeare in Love*
Life Is Beautiful
Saving Private Ryan [I have even deliberately missed this one, still I have promised myself to watch this movie on a screen worthy of the experience Razz]
The Thin Red Line*

1999 American Beauty* [Brilliant again. Love every performance in this movie]
The Cider House Rules [might have seen this. not sure]
The Green Mile*
The Insider
The Sixth Sense*

2000 Gladiator*
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon *
Erin Brockovich*

2001 A Beautiful Mind*
Gosford Park
In the Bedroom
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring*
Moulin Rouge!*

2002 Chicago
Gangs of New York*
The Hours*
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers*
The Pianist*

2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King *
Lost in Translation* [I had never seen a 'serious' performance by Murray before watching this. I loved it!]
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World*
Mystic River*

2004 Million Dollar Baby* [I like this one]
The Aviator
Finding Neverland* [ Not really my type of movie. ]

2005 Crash*
Brokeback Mountain*
Capote* [With Philip Seymour Hoffman, right? Got a chance to see it a couple of months back... loved it.]
Good Night, and Good Luck. [I started to watch this at the wrong time. I couldn't keep my attention on it, so I finally stopped watching. A shame. Even before seeing this list I thought it was worthy of another effort]

Munich [1/2 of a star I suppose. Can't get into this movie. Guess it's not my thing.]

2006 The Departed* [Seen the asian original first... hard to say which one is better, because this has Jack Nicholson!]
Letters from Iwo Jima
Little Miss Sunshine*
The Queen

2007 No Country for Old Men *
Juno* [Oh Ellen Paige. I really dug this movie from the very first opening scene, which was... unexpected. And very, very quirky imho]
Michael Clayton [ Haz DVD. Must see]
There Will Be Blood

2008 Slumdog Millionaire*
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button*
The Reader

Guess I have a lot to watch still Smile
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Reply Thu 7 Aug, 2014 12:15 pm
(Top Ten since 2000, no order)

Marie Antoinette
Children of Men
I'm Not There
A Prairie Home Companion
Grizzly Man
Inglorious Basterds
There will be Blood

Honorable mentions to No Country for Old Men, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Grand Hotel Budapest
Reply Fri 8 Aug, 2014 07:29 am
Sofia Coppola is a very talented storyteller in her own right.
Reply Tue 12 Aug, 2014 06:27 pm
The Conjuring 2013
Sinister 2012
The Cabin in The Woods 2012
Paranormal Activity 2007
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Reply Fri 29 Aug, 2014 05:31 am
1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010)
3. Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)
4. Star Trek (2009)
5. Role Models (2008)
6. You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2008)
7. The Bucket List (2007)
8. Hot Rod (2007)
9. Hot Fuzz (2007)
10. Harsh Times (2005)
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Reply Thu 4 Sep, 2014 11:59 am
phoebe4 wrote:


Not to be nitpicky but Titanic (1997) is from the wrong decade.
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Reply Tue 30 Dec, 2014 12:38 pm
I see there are some like-minded film lovers here. Django Unchained comes to mind offhand, for sure. No Country for Old Men, loved that one. Four Lions--awesome. Submarine and Take Shelter were standouts in 2011. Moonrise Kingdom!!
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Reply Tue 12 Jul, 2016 05:43 pm
Dracula Untold: a story of substance. Dracula has never been depicted better, and I hope this is confirmed as part of the monsters universe.

The Force Awakens: the best Star Wars to date. Kylo Ren is a better character than Darth Vader, and the new leads Rey and Finn have as much charisma as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

Spectre: the best Bond to date. Grounded and dark, yet honours the formula.

Dredd: mature, honours the material and has a smart sense of humor (and Olivia Thirlby and Karl Urban are equally brilliant).

Total Recall remake: Colin Farrell is the perfect choice as Douglas Quaid, and Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel each elevate the movie. I'd even go as far to say that this version puts the Verhoeven film to shame.

The Conjuring: maybe the best horror film of the past 20 years. The suspense is beyond belief, and pacing and structure are in tact.

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