The Art of the Graceful Comeback!

Reply Fri 27 Nov, 2009 12:24 pm
It would be nice to know the question that was asked of Miss Martha instead of just reading or hearing her response. Did the interviewer ask what she thought of Rachel Ray, or perhaps if she saw Rachel as a contemporary, and that was the reason for the remark in the first place?

This is just alot of PR hooey. Martha didn't skewer Rachel and Rachel didn't seem to take it that way. As usual, the media creating **** where there is none. And those who wish to believe it do. Rolling Eyes
Reply Fri 27 Nov, 2009 12:37 pm
You're right in part that Martha Stewart's statement against Rachel Ray was taken out of context.
The statement was stripped clean from it's initial/original interview so the original question wasn't a part of the podcast/initial radio report between Neil Conan and Amy Dickinson.

But the purpose of the thread and the radio program was more on the line of what kind of retorts can be considered reasonable and/or classy in a respectable/imitable/role model fashion. It was more of a commentary on Rachel Ray's thoughtful and modest comeback then a sharp critique against Stewart, which I agree with you and others, wasn't a terrible as the inclusion of this whole analogy/scenario illustration would make it seem.
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Reply Fri 27 Nov, 2009 04:06 pm
Seed wrote:

I think that a comeback doesn't even have to be a comeback in the sense of the word. What Rachael Ray did was evident of this. A come back would be in some way poking back at the person and taking a gab at their character in one fashion or another.

I think a lot of times that if you show the person making the gab at your character that their words have caused little to no effect on you that you have won.

But you may not have nearly as much fun as you do on one of those rare occasions when you can think of the perfect response BEFORE you have already left!
Reply Fri 27 Nov, 2009 04:19 pm
because we all know thats the worse thing ever. Figuring out the PERFECT thing to say after the fact!
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