The State of America's Special Relationship with Britain

Diest TKO
Reply Fri 20 Mar, 2009 09:33 pm
@Finn dAbuzz,
Finn dAbuzz wrote:

Obviously it was a mistake.

It's also obvious that Obama doesn't think very highly of the "special relationship" between the US and the UK.

Sure. I'll file it away in the because-you-say-so folder.

This is nothing more than republican spin. Trying to sweep the leg by focusing on the least important part of Gordon Brown's visit. Try to make light of things such as the honorary remarks (honorary knighting) to Ted Kennedy. Focus on the insignificant, and say it with enough confidence just hoping that someone will believe you that this is the greatest slap in the face we've given Great Brittan since the Declaration of Independence.

Nevermind the talks and business that took place while he was here. Oh heavens no. No, instead, we really need to talk about the DVDs that didn't work. Gordon brown hated them so much he sat down to watch them? Bucket of pop-corn and all? Something about the story reeks of BS.

Finn dAbuzz
Reply Sun 22 Mar, 2009 03:49 pm
@Diest TKO,
I applaud your desire to keep the "insignificant" event within the context of the entire visit. I just wish you, your confreres and the Media had pursued the same desire during the Bush presidency.

Nevertheless, it is incorrect to insist that focus on the event has been limited to Republicans as I've demonstrated with several links.

Is this blunder the worst diplomatic mistake in the history of mankind? Obviously not, and in the general scheme of current events it doesn't have much of an impact, but it is silly to argue that it is insignificant.

Diplomatic niceties are probably the easiest thing for the White House to get right, and this White House got them wrong --- unless one believes the snub was intentional.

That someone who featured in his campaign for the presidency that he would distinguish his administration from the supposed brusque and cloddish Bush White House this blunder speaks of rich irony.

As I've written before, if you don't agree, that's fine, but after keeping up an incessant barrage of criticism again the prior president; for eight years, it is just a bit hypocritical (not to mention intellectually dishonest) to dismiss criticism of The Expected One as premature and a reflection of sore losing.
There are many more criticisms to be directed at Pres. Obama; many more serious than this one, and a lot more time.

Reply Sun 22 Mar, 2009 05:23 pm
There's nobody here that I know who gives a flying **** whether the Obama chappie has insulted or snubbed our Prime Minister. Our PM has a very thick skin and a very long memory. He gets insulted at a rate at which counting has to be done by the minute to save paper. The "Special Relationship" is thought of as a quaint sentimentalism.

If your wonder boy and his cohorts have snubbed or insulted our PM they had better stay out of London because we can snub and insult on a whole other level than any of that infantile crap.

Anyway- we are looking more towards the east these days. Most people in the pub think you Yanks are loonies who landed in an unexploited Aladdin's Cave of riches and that it has gone to your heads and led you to think it is your superior personal qualities which has created this trough of materialism and stress-inducing futility.

Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2009 08:34 am
@Finn dAbuzz,
Finn dAbuzz wrote:
... after keeping up an incessant barrage of criticism again the prior president; for eight years, it is just a bit hypocritical (not to mention intellectually dishonest) to dismiss criticism of The Expected One as premature and a reflection of sore losing.

Well, the difference is that Bush's policies actually damaged our relations with our allies, whereas Obama's blunder (if such it was) is, at most, a matter of utter insignificance. Criticism of Obama isn't premature if it's warranted, but in this case it most certainly is a reflection of a sore loser.

And a word or two about the DVDs. As I understand it, Obama requested that the Library of Congress put together a package of movies that had been listed on the LOC National Film Registry. So these weren't DVDs that some aide picked up at Wal-Mart -- it was a presentation set that was specially made at the president's request. And considering how entertainment is one of the few businesses where the US is a leading exporter, it is especially appropriate for the US president to give out DVDs as gifts.

Oh, and if Gordon Brown doesn't have a multi-region DVD player, he can borrow mine. I'll even lend him an adapter plug.
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Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2009 08:44 am
This thread kinda makes me proud. Such insistent baiting, and noone's biting. Just a coupla shrugs, some giggles about the inanity of it, and even some conversation about more important matters. Finn must be stewing in frustration - no fun in trolling like this. Smile
Finn dAbuzz
Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2009 05:41 pm
I don't necessarily doubt that, in general, Brits don't put much stock in the Special Relationship, but if that's truly the case, I have to wonder why it is so.

Too much time has passed for any gratitude or camaraderie (deserved or otherwise) that might have been a product of WWII to endure and have much influence on the nations' relationship.

I would think sharing a common language and heritage would preserve a bond that extends beyond mere sentimentality, and I suspect that bond is stronger than many would realize or admit, but it will take stress and shared fear to reveal it. Certainly not something to hope for, but entirely possible.

The US is currently going through some hard times, but so is the rest of the world. Predictions of America's loss of superpower status are quite premature, and europeans who secretly or blatantly hope the American economy utterly tanks just have no appreciation for where their own economic interests lie.

I suppose it's natural not to want to be the sidekick in a relationship, especially when you were once the hero, but to allow such silly notions to dictate foreign policy would not only be ridiculous but self-defeating. Fortunately for the UK, its leadership has not allowed foolish pride to come before a fall.

I guess much has to do with one's world view. If one believes that Europe is essentially immune from anything but isolated and comparatively minor terrorist attacks, who needs the US? Sure our intelligence is helpful, but our military might is not required.

The UK can do just fine on its own without kowtowing to the Yank bumpkins. A good friend of mine, a Scotsman in Chester, once assured me that the Brits could have turned back a Russkie invasion without, thank you very much, the help of the Yanks.


So many in this forum assure me that the days of American imperialism are numbered. If they are right, I sure hope, for the sake of the nation, that our leaders are smart enough to sidle up to the new Big Dog, especially if it shares our values (It's pretty damned sure it won't share our language or heritage).
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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Mon 23 Mar, 2009 05:42 pm
Your nimhlets have done you proud.

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