Last Night an asteroid buzzed earth

Reply Thu 5 Mar, 2009 01:00 pm
To the thread posters: I am sorry to have disrupted your thread. I am sure that everyone realizes that I stopped by after about a year with the express and only purpose of attacking BILLRM. Whoever he/she is.

The multiple disclaimers in my post: “For what you deem it worth.”

When addressing the issue of Tsunamis: “geology is not my field”, “again geology is not my field.”

When referencing his post: “I am not sure what this is supposed to mean” and then making an attempt at what it is trying to say.

All were dead giveaways to my REAL intentions.

He was obviously too kind to point out that my choice of font face and my provocative juxtaposition of text with white space were no less than hate speech directed at him.

Its O.K. Real Life, Bad Dog,GungaSnake, and Spendi have already pointed out my total lack of knowledge of the physical sciences. I am still naive enough to believe that gravity is what holds planets, stars, and the universe together and NOT Birkland Currents as Gunga has pointed out to me numerous times. If that doesn’t show my complete ignorance what could, right?

When you place the reply I got to what I thought was an innocuous and at least minimally informative post next to the thread of oneA2Ker asking if anyone else has noticed that a lot of people had seemed to have abandoned the site it seem to reduce that to a retorical question.

Just to end my failed experiment of again posting on A2K on a high note:

Hi BBB hope all is well and the new dog (it was new when I was last on the site anyway) and everyone are happy. If ROS, PARADOS,or CI are still around tell them I asked about them next time you ping them if you think of it.
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Reply Thu 5 Mar, 2009 05:02 pm
I did the math and the worst case I came up with was 62 megtons or rougthly double your worst case however either way it would be a blast that if it hit any city in the world would wipe that city and the surrounding areas off the face of the planet.

Now I no longer have the 1950s US government manual on the effect of nuclear weapons in my library but I think it is now online so perhaps I will look up water blasts.

Even without so looking I do not think I would care to be on the shore line within a few hundred miles of a water inpact as my feet are likely to get wet.
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Reply Thu 5 Mar, 2009 05:04 pm
don't know what this horseshit is, it bears absolutely no relationship to my post, which you have referenced. If you want to argue with someone, i suggest you argue with the person who actually posted the material you ineptly quoted.
Lord are you are a nasty nasty person!

I feel sorry for your family and co-workers or for anyone else that just can not add you to a block list.
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