Neverending Rap Battle VI

Reply Thu 19 Feb, 2009 11:15 pm
This is my first time so here
Let me take the time n be sincere
Im the new guy that’s gon teach yall how to flow
Im the king n im fresh from head to toe
My ryhmes come at you solid they can hurt
Im so fuckkin ballin, I'll make the dirt stain yo new shirt
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small town hero
Reply Wed 1 Apr, 2009 03:46 pm
@H4iti4n M4ni4k,
single handedly I will drive to you to the edge of destruction
this eruption will leave you needing facial construction
eat you up spit you out lying broke on the floor
cold at heart cause you mum don't even love you no more
lil t new
Reply Mon 3 Aug, 2009 02:39 pm
@small town hero,
yo body says bicth all over
the shape and form looks like you were just ran over
you say you found a clover
for luck
its need to be for rappin couase you fuckin suck
Reply Fri 7 Aug, 2009 12:48 am
look bitch you think your hot ****
if you want a rap battle
i'll pop you like a zit

your raps ok but i'll leave your ass hanging
if you think your good then
i'm ******* outstading

i'm on crack somebody need's to stop me
if i get a gat then better call the army

this isn't little leauge
it's the big boys game
if you wanna fight i'll
Fuckin give you the kane

this is my last line so you better pay attention
coz if u don't i'll fuckin give you a detention

this is the 411 this ani't no ****
so you better go home and
suck on yo momma's tit

Reply Wed 24 Nov, 2010 04:34 pm
haha you guys suck you dont know **** about rappin lemme kick this,
with a sick flow you think i cant spit this, im 16 and i can surely rip ****,
a true pro on this site is proff. aye proff if you still on this site hit up a sick verse for these punks to listen to hey boys check this
Some people say I'm too weak
to preach
these kinda words that i speek
theres a whole other fuckin side
to me
you gotta meet
before that you JUDGE me
and before that you RUSH me
before you fuckin say that you LOVE me
Im askin dealers to CUFF me
everything fuckin owned
lost one by one
son of a gun
what have i done
should i stay or should i run
or should i stop the fuckin pain
and put my head to the gun
this is it
click click and POW
Im done!
Its a feelin i reconize
everyday my mother cries
she cant hold the pain inside
so shes left to just get high
its rediculous
so i stop think and spit to this
usin corrupted lyricis
and hopin somones hearin this
if you can relate
to my mind's state
then i whant to see you BLEED
all your souls hate
for every risk you TAKE
for every time your heart BRAKES
just ******* bleed out your HATE!
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Reply Mon 29 Nov, 2010 11:31 pm
hahahahahaa okok ima bout to leave you guys in the dust

My blood is red, my chronic is green. My lungs are full of poison,
and these streets are mean.
At the age of thirteen there grew a demon in me,
that grew stronger. Then everybody started to see
the worst in me. First the coke, crack and ecstacy
got the best of me. Corruption suddenly melested me.
God tested me, to see if i could cope on my own.
What a joke i could of choked and croaked an over dose from the crack smoke in my dome.
Fourteen a fiend on the edge of the curve all alone.
I pushed soo much love away you'd think i had a heart made of stone.
Can you piture me vissiously stryding under the street light.
reality hurts i run and hide behind my crack pipe.
Listen as i moisten up this black mic.
I'll give you a visualization of what it's really like.
Six years old i walk in the kitchen. My spines itching to the vission of my mom on the floor twitching.
An empty bottle of pills next her neck she attempted suacide.
They take me away while my mother is hosptalized.
I realize this is the start of the pain that i posess inside.
So take a good ******* look into these corrupted eyes.
And you can watch anouther part of lil-man die.
I make music not your regular rediculous lies.
I try influence the analessence my lifes lessons taught me spiritual protection through raps essens.
I'm hungry so i'm feeding i stand preeching these words got a meaning.
You'll be seeing and believing when my rists are silmutainiously bleeding.
I cough blood standing tall, trip and fall. Who the fucks gonna be there to help me at all.
Respect for the kings i pour out drinks for them all
RIP Eaz, Pac, and Biggie Smalls.
This song is for those who seen it. Let my story sink in as you read it you better believe it.
I'm Lil-Man and im haking up my sins like im bulimic.
I set one ******* goal and im gonna ******* achieve it.
I'm sick too quik for you bitch.
I'll grip my dick
and spit
like this
while yo sit in a panic and watch this recovering addict
show you his tallent. Throw your hands up and clap to this lyrical static,
and jump up and glide like your arro-dinamic.
Cuz i aint gonna stop till the second i rot.
Wrap my fingers around the glock with it cocked, clip fully stocked.
Shove it down my throat and wait for the POP.
Call me vissious the cross around my neck shows im super stissious.
I get these itches, and fiend for the blood of little bitches.
Cut em up and roll them deep in the ditches.
And they wake up hospitalized in a bed with twenty stitches.
You see im Lil-Man and im still young and still pure.
Corruptions killing my friends so I'll die for the cure.
And spit my rymes from the heavens just to be sure.
Spit it so lout till the devil dissis me.
A feeling of escape just like when she kisses me.
Huh.. ****. I cant believe this is really me.
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Reply Tue 14 Dec, 2010 04:44 am
make sure you guys read this whole post tell me what you think its gonn' be on a cd soon. leave me a messege in my inbox on what you think// peaCe

you guys gotta put some more words down yo why you guys only putting like four lines.. you gotta hook up 22 and they all dont gotta rhyme.. but if you got skills then take your time maybe one day your raps would be ballin like mine.. i gotta poetry problem, every posst i post is sick and nobody solves 'em. sick to to ****, to quick for you dicks hurry and keep up with this sickness.. I've been neglected, made a fool of and arrested. In my home town this is just how we were excepted. Criminally tested to prove that we're worth being protected. By the corrupted individuals, the Illest criminals living their fucked up lives to the motherfucking minimal. Visiting churches and trying to pray for a miracle and wrap silver and gold crosses around their neck attempting to be spiritual. It was never my fault that i was born so twisted. As i grew older i got all of my enemies listed. People started hating on me because I'm lyrically gifted but i get lifted every ******* time that i spit this, so close your eyes and listen to the way that i kick this. My name is Lil' Corruption and i can give a **** about nothing i keep my speakers bumping so i can feel a little something. I cant cope so i smoke some good dope and fill my lungs with a little hope. I never tried to provoke any beef but it provoked me im only a G spitting out my souls harmony. But a part of me is so pissed off rediculously people keep hounding me because of my lifes corrupted history. Yea i used to sell dimes and comit crimes criminalisticly but realisticly I'm just sffering through juvenile deliquentcy. I never picked this for me all of my happiness turned into misery suddenly its been feeding off me turning me into some kind of rebelious G. So i said good by to all the good times and little chuckles and hello to the tech nines and swullen nuckles, four finger rings, switch blades, and belt buckles. Got my enemies left twitching in their own ******* blood puddles. So damaged in the brain, can you feel my pain? take a listen to my rymes and get a taste of my rage. And you can watch me as i vertically slit all of my veins. Because I'm so ******* sick of it pouring every time that it rains.
So here i stand soaking in my own pain and depression not to mention I'm planning on holding my own mother's intervention. Her addiction growing stronger to the point that i can feel the tension. Tension like a high on ecstasy and my teeth are clenching. So you my wonder why Corruption never falls in love with people. Thats because i watched love selfishly turn into evil. So i remain a rebel. Forever dancing with the devil on a cold and painful level. Its all unsettle and hard to believe in theres a reason in surviving through all four of the seasons. When people leave you cut bruised and bleeding in the street and the only way to get even is to KNOCK every last one of there teeth in. And i keep asking god the question, why i can never escape all the murder and rape. Everywhere that i go i seem to be surrounded by hate. Popping anti-depresens just to try keep me sane. Depressed all through the month of September then into December. Got me thinking when i die, What the **** will people remember. So i spit this forever and hope you remember that this kind of music impacts me. It had me hanging on the back streets scribbling on my rap sheets. Reaching in my sock trying to find my crack piece. Just like the friends i grew up with lost and confused. Growing up cold smacked and abused. So listen to the truth as i spit out the proof that corruption is a curse thats slowly killing the youth.
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Reply Fri 8 Apr, 2011 10:17 pm

Dont even think of slackin cuz I dont believe in slackin
Dont even think of rappin unless of course, YOU COULD BACK IT
Up, but I dont think that you backin **** up tho
Yu droolin gitchya spit up yo; Yu dookie gitchya **** up ho!

Yu groupie git up off my dick, I swear this shits rediculous
Nobody even kno yu, but Im known; Mizter Conspicuous
Im flippin this script up, scratch that rip it up
Yall been feel froggy? Wanna leap? Gitchya ribbets up!

I kno why yu luhh me.. Cuz Im fukken NICE dawg.
N I got the kinda flow that doesnt got a price dawg.
I cud kill yu twice dog, from day to fukken night dawg
Im higher dan a jet n yu still ridin on a bike dawggg

Got an overbite dawg, cuz imma fukken monsta
Step into the dungeon N yu gone be a gonna
You claim you dis n that, but homie thats jus yer persona
But imma cannible, I'll snatchya organs like a doner

Tell me wuchu gonna do, prolly nuthin
Cuz yu aint good at nuffin but hatin, stop frontin
Im stuntin on yall in the TD, n then Im puntin
Im slumpin.. Ya whole family gotchyu runnin

While I cock back on the AK cuz you kno I keep it gunnin
Got more gas to keep me goin than Sunoco; Led is PUMPIN
If yu think yu clean enough, just remember I'll git NASTY
So before yu step up on another beat yu better ASK ME
ice jay
Reply Sat 9 Apr, 2011 05:12 am
@lil t new,
ur face look like u gat hangover
tryin to **** a man prostitute he told u to bend over
he smach u in de ass like a range rover this **** n over
so hala at me wen u get soba cause u need a pop or soda
so dont **** wit dis black cobra b4 i bite u from ur head to ur sholder
to battle me u gone need more soldier cause am gone smoke ur like arabia hooker u can see de flame like i won de poker game make u n the dealer goin insane
cause u need some change to get on the train to go see the movie soul plane
so u can learn how to spit some more game nigga u lame tryin to rob my chain
me n u battlen the ryhm will never be the same cause am dropin heavy bars
all u do is sip n pass am fast u not my class cause i move faster ur face look like ponography poster so cam closer let me hit u in ur dental claus make
u pee in ur drouse like santa clause
ice jay
Reply Wed 13 Apr, 2011 05:09 am
@ice jay,
catch up wit ya dis weekend peace
Reply Tue 26 Apr, 2011 04:35 pm
@ice jay,
Yo rap so weak
It ain't even got a good beat
you got some guts to challenger me
cause im the one to make yo leave
yo all think you can rap
but it all sounds like yap
yo yo, im the king here
message to all you hear
can't beat me
cause im the queen bee!
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big smoke
Reply Thu 28 Apr, 2011 01:40 am
@ice jay,
You are not the grime scene saviour
You sly weak hater
A little pop tart that owes wiley favours
And doesn't really understand these shystie majors
They sell your pop songs to these nice teenagers
And don't get me wrong you might be famous
But they buy green acres
You buy me trainers (Nikes)
You were more real as an id faker
Make enough love songs and you might see paper
When you see 1, the label see a hundred crispy bills
That is what happens when you sign 360 deals
Give this chump a little chance, punch you in his heart
Got signed for a chump then bumped for his advance
Getting hyped cos sum 12 year olds felt your song
But what you gonna do when all the little girls are gone
You'll be as frail as the songs you got wealthy from
And be a tiny little dancer for elton john
You aint even worth the ink in my fingertips
Does this little midget really fink he's a lyricist?
The drink from my flippin sink is a privilege
Copy jay z and make your fingers a pyramid
Keep making soulless music your fans buy
But jam your hype and hang tight with your damp rhymes
Hearing you is sad like watching ants die
But people know the truth bashing your hand signs
Am not telling anybody to get hostile
This is just a hobby I feel sorry for this lost child
ice jay ice jay
Lyrical skill isn't measured by your income
They tell me leave the kid alone
He's faker that silicone
My lyrics expose reveal the soul of this jiga clone
Little jigga minnie me, didn't sleep just twitter beef
Still its peak for this little meek in his skinny jeans
Should I snap fingers, end all tweeting, take off ma slipper get parental beating
Sword razor tongue/ means your days are done/ this yute is big headed in more ways than one
You diss vex but you spit wet
Little Princess,? Sony is searching for the next bigheads to pick next, you not hard
Lil pop tart
Think you got bars
U might top charts
but lyrically u flopped hard
Silly voice prety boy that shaves his eyebrows
Grime scenes very own amy winehouse
Ur loopy lately
Could you be crazy
What kinda man calls a rap song oopsy daisy
I'm a real mc they won't forget me
fill up your bank account your soul is empty
If u getting vexed asks you what u represent
U can't get respect u talk about of the devils breds
And the money u made will mean nothing when you're dead
so think when u get that deep thought thru your pregnant head
If u get depressed u can pay for next tattoos
Or phone up your mandem jls to back u
Pick the wrong option
Its likely u got problems
U can't try me I'm not wiley or dot rotten
Not the hardest mc far from the best rapper
Not in this scene but maybe on xfactor
Hide inside your house cos were sick of your wining mouth
Every sentence will slay the secrets under simon cowell
Stay calm fool when the napalm fools
All the youths on your ends call u hey Arnold
Gutless diva with a tough demeanour
How does it feel to be the uk`s Justin bieber
If you're a lyricist stop coming with them puppy bars
Talk is cheap u can't walk the street without your bodyguards
If money is nothing why is an issue why you rhyme
Money is nothing can't take it with you when you die
Make another track that says how much cash you're getting
It can't buy u skill credibility or happiness
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Reply Thu 28 Apr, 2011 08:15 am
first of all u aint ill,
dont even have any skill,
say u comin at me with a fuckin ak,
trin ta diss me and u going about it the wrong way,
u wanna come at me go ahead,
if u do just remember what i said,
u say im the wack one,
homie my wrath has just begun
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Reply Mon 20 Jun, 2011 01:06 pm
who the **** are you all think you are,
im the motherfucking king of this hall,
so listen up bros,
im gonna kill you with my toes,
you can have the biggest gun,
and i'll still have fun,
i just wanna play with ya all,
cuz i know what a **** rapers you are...
you dont even worth a ****,
just look at the lyrics you split,
you dont have balls to reply to me,
cuz im gifted lyrically,
so dont **** with me,
im a pro, and youre just one new newie Wink
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Reply Sun 14 Aug, 2011 05:29 am
bitch its funny how you think you got skills,
i rip hearts out of the chest of ppl who claim to be the best,
just to get multiple kills, i send chills up your spine, its that time,
for me to get crunk, pop some pills, and send you whack ass running to the hills,
im a menace to the world, a pimp, i dont believe in one girl i got plenty,
send you on a spin, tilt-a-whirl, around 2x about twenty,
i never was good at math, i was just sitting in class, doing minimal work to pass,
i thought i had the plan in my hand, dealin for the big boys, but got caught with a couple grams, puttin my life in other ppls hands, but still i stand tall, nobody to help me if i trip and fall, thats why im a man, you talk about spraying ak's , i got two fists formed of lyrics to pumble you on all the weekdays,
try to keep up bitch, step up to me i bet your style switch,
you just got flipped, dipped and ripped, dont question my swag,
you'll end up in a body bag, as i put out a lit fag on your forehead,
i feel bad for you, im suprised your not dead i leave you breathless,
restless, your bitch knows you cant tamper with this
Reply Sat 27 Aug, 2011 04:44 pm
Ayo, can I join? I'll finish ya'll soon as I smoke this joint
Tell me who's goin' first, wanna flip a coint?
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Reply Sat 27 Aug, 2011 05:19 pm
Ok, shawty. Let's start with this
It's so quiet when you rap, I hear a clock tics
You hear my money flips in one of my wallet,
see me giving tips to Rasheed Wallace
Ya'll young rappers don't have the charizma
My text confuse you like an enigma
And world is enigmatic
They call me mister boombastic
I turn you whole house in to cascet
You watch me as I'm giving baskets,
rap classics and rail you over
harder than a bulldoger
I spit so sick I got hangover
In my land rover
I do magic with my stick like Harry Potter
this lil dude hangs like he's a money owner
If you have lips, better put the money on'em
I laugh at you rap like it's a funny poem
You talkin' bout skill but rappin shitty
You lame and I rap like P. Diddy
Yo' mum has 500 pounds a says she's skinny
She lookin like a T-rax with bigg tittys
I may have fourteen,
I still can **** up your whole team
And smoke all the weed like if I'm nineteen!

Hahahaha, big titties xD
Reply Thu 1 Dec, 2011 03:05 am
@AKrap ,
That was a good rap
but compared to this one yours is crap
Your a punk ass bitch wanna be mc
But its obvious that you can't out rap me
I am from hawai'i bro
I rap so fast it makes Eminem sound slow
I got enoguh rhymes to go on for years
but if I don't stop now you'll be in tears
Man I'm sorry but i hoped you learned
When mess with me YOU GET BURNED
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Reply Wed 11 Jan, 2012 06:33 pm
Yo u no what it is
what the **** is this noice
all internet gangstaz r toys , i ment little boiz
trying 2 be hard. im what the games been missen you better lissen while im spitten all you punk asses are gonna try dissen but for once jus listen yall claim you hard but u soft everytime i read ur rhymes i cough im disgusted i recently got busted for a crime but im about to do time but before i go ima spit this rhyme

Reply Tue 17 Jan, 2012 02:52 am
-insert epic rap here-
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