What exactly is the "Job Training" the US Government spends money on?

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When the US Gov't appropriates money for job training, I was wondering just what kind of programs that money goes to. Are we talking public dollars going to subsidize technical/career colleges? Or maybe to reimburse private companies' training expenses?

Or rather, are we paying for something administered by a public entity? Perhaps something like teaching basic computer/resume/job skills in unemployment offices, for example?

I would be interested to know exactly what the politicians mean when they say they are doling out X amount to "Job Training." It sounds good, and I think most people would support it. But, knowing American politicians, there's probably good reason to doubt that we're spending it most effectively.
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I think that's a darn good question. It does seem like most of it goes on at the state level, though.
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Looks like this might give you some info on some of them:
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One of the programs they fund is Job Corps. This is a program for young people- I think there are 122 around the country. Each site has different skills training programs that a person can train in - like cement mason, auto body repair, certified nurses training, tile setting - you get the idea.

At the same time they're doing their job training, they are also given the opportunity to finish their highschool education (most of them have been kicked out or dropped out of school - a lot of them are homeless- having aged out of the foster care system). They can either take their GED or finish their highschool diploma online. After they complete their education, finish their training and certify - there's a part of the program that helps them produce a resume or cv and get a job....and I mean...these are great cv's. I wish I'd had someone to help organize me to produce the type of portfolio these guys produce.
Here's more information:

Funding Database: Search Result

Agency/Office Department of Labor/Employment and Training Agency
Program Name Job Corps

Program Description: Job Corps Programs provides young people ages 16 to 24 free education and vocational training to assist in obtaining a better job. While enrolled in Job Corps programs, students learn a trade, earn a high school diploma or GED and get help finding a good job. Students will be paid a monthly stipend and the program provides career counseling and transition support to its students for up to 12 months after they graduate from the program.

Eligible Grantees: Job Corps centers are operated for the Department of Labor by private companies through competitive contracting processes, and by other Federal Agencies through interagency agreements. Applicants are identified and screened for eligibility by organizations contracted by the Department of Labor.

Eligible Beneficiaries: The beneficiaries are U.S. citizens or legal residents; meet legal requirements and be ready, willing and able to participate fully in an educational environment.
Historic Appropriation Level (in 000s) $1,557,270

Eligible Activities Following enrollment, job or further academic placement, follow-up and transitional career development support services are provided for eligible students through organizations contracted by the Department of Labor. GED assistance and ESL is included in the provision of services offered at Job Corps Centers nationwide.

Program Contact Grace Kilbane, Director
[email protected]
Program URL http://jobcorps.doleta.gov/jcportal.cfm

I think it's a great program.

And if I remember correctly - George Bush's administration was pretty good about not cutting the funding - or it could have been the other way around and he was bad- but I don't think so- I think I was surprised because he was good about keeping it funded.

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Thanks for the great answer. I must admit, that Job Corps program sounds like a pretty good one.
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George Bush's administration was pretty good about not cutting the funding -

He had to provide somewhere for guys like Alberto Gonzales to go.
Reply Wed 28 Jan, 2009 12:47 am
JTT-what are you talking about - Roberto- I mean Alberto- was way too old for Job Corps. (Roberto was the name of one of my favorite students there).
Funny you should mention his name though - depending on which job corp one attends and where it's located, the vast majority of the students are minority- either african-american or latino - and many had learning difficulties.
Gives you a definite sense about what sort of student our public schools do or don't successfully serve.
So yeah - I think it's only fair that we provide something else after we've failed them so dismally the first go round.

jriff - it is potentially a great program. Like any other place it has good points and bad points - but the idea is a good one- and they do provide useful training.
The only problem I had with it is that when the students are sick - they still have to go to school and work- they take the whole boot camp thing a little too far sometimes in my opinion. But I'm a softie - especially when someone's sick.

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