Who broke the cease fire? Rockets graphed

Reply Tue 13 Jan, 2009 12:56 am
Most entertaining...if it wasn't so tragic !

It seems to me that there has been no cease fire on the part of the Palestininans aad their "supporters" since 1947. The latest outburst became inevitable when the Gazans democratically elected a government with the published aim of continuing to attempt to "wipe Israel off the map". No doubt injustices occurred in land acquisition in 1947 and thereafter but these could have been compensated for by a fraction of either Arab oil revenue or American donations to Israel's defence budget. The "refugee problem" is one that has been delberately allowed to fester by vested interest groups in the region. Until that is resolved, if ever, all debate about particular "outbreaks" of violence is "shouting into the wind".
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That, my prickly young friend, is the definition of a red herring.

Nah...that's a rhetorical question in a thread title,

The thread has the simple and obvious intent to give facts countering the dominant media story and Israeli propaganda, and get people thinking with some factual basis.

Asking a question is a good way of drawing attention and getting people in a mood to question things.

You're just getting stuck on over the top pedantry.

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Even if HAMAS did broke the cease fire, why in the world is Israel refusing to apply to the UN resolution # 1860 concerning the fact that they have to cease fire and stop their offensive strikes, ive just watched Mr Bee ki moon, the UN sectretay announcing that both sides have to stop this mess, but who are you talking to.

Am sure that the UN didn't pass this resolution for no reason, and what is the most irritating thing, is if anyother countries acted like Israel, in neglecting the UN's resolution, its abig deal, but when it comes to Israel .......... , as if the UN was made specially for their sake.
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I found this article powerful and I thought it fit with this thread because it touches on a couple of things mentioned here.

Here's the part that grabbed me.
A deep and gloomy current of violence seeps through the dark pores of Israeli society like a grave illness, and it gets worse from one war to the next. It has no smell and no shape but one feels it very clearly from here. It is a kind of euphoria, a joy of war, lust for revenge , drunkenness on power and burial of the Jewish command "Do not be joyful when your enemy falls". It is a morality that has become so polluted that no laundry could remove the stains. It is a fragile democracy where you have to weigh every word with care, or else.
Reply Tue 13 Jan, 2009 03:49 pm
That was the idea behind my rather crude comment that waging war was more fun than making peace, and I meant not just about tactics, since peace can involve tactics too. Obviously mine was a cockeyed comment but had a glimpse at what can happen, and not just for people in the mideast.
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