What is the oldest age you would like to be alive?

Reply Mon 15 Jun, 2009 02:03 pm
I willing to go as far as the day before i die . . .
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Reply Mon 15 Jun, 2009 02:23 pm
Better a hungry worm than a dead Chum!
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Reply Mon 15 Jun, 2009 04:48 pm
My Godmother is 97 - she's tired of being old. She's fit and well, a few minor aches and pains - but is totally incredible for her age. All her faculties, driving, just........ a true inspiration.

She said she doesn't mind being old so much, it's just - all her friends are long gone, her friends now are 70 ish... and it's not as much fun with them as her old friends whom she misses.

When I was kid - she looked a big lady - she's now as tiny as my little fella - very diddy with lines on her face which have a million stories. Spinster aunt, travelled by boat to Oz in her early 20's, in the army, missionary.... so many stories, teacher. Marvellous life.

She's lived an amazing life - but, I know, if she didn't wake up tomorrow - she would not be sad. She doesn't want to die - but it's a long time living watching the world change - and very little family around her. Every morning she gets up and prays for me and mine, and during the day, and before she sleeps. She's very devout and wishes to join her Maker whenever he calls upon her. No fear. All love. That's not such a bad place to be in a? Bless her, she's my guardian angel.
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