Creativity and mental illness

donna downing
Wed 9 Dec, 2015 12:35 am
Hello I've been browsing through the threads when I encountered this topic.

This is a very interesting find. Thank you for sharing. It was a very good read. I actually have many friends who have mental health issues and are very creative. This can be a great way to harness people's condition into something productive. It doesn't mean that we encourage depression it only means that we can use it to produce talent. Being creative can also be use as distraction so people suffering from depression won't ponder on their emotions but instead vent it out through something creative.

Thank you for sharing. Smile
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Tue 19 Jan, 2016 05:10 am
Well, to be honest, I know some artist and they are depressed. However, creativity wasn't a product of depression or vice versa. In fact, both creativity and depression were product of their character (sensitivity and analytic behavior). So, I wouldn't call these two necessarily correlated. Yes, they both may appear in the same person but there is a reason why they appear.
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Sat 21 May, 2022 10:26 pm
In order to be creative you need to be in an environment with enough stress. An environment like a tropical paradise where you have pretty colorful etc is too laid-back, and an environment where your in below zero temperatures is also too stressed because your thinking about survival. However a person that has never been outside such environment will most likely find it to be normal and be able to cope and function no matter what.

I went to college for art. My professors all have messy places, their houses are a wreck, they have messed up love lives, yet they have a balance of some sort in their lives as well. I do not want to say it is robot like but the reality is that even myself find

"I can not take care of myself without cutting out time away from what I want to do or who I am".

A videogame called "D2" ( made for blind people ) on the Dreamcast had an episode where you have this music prodigy who would study endlessly. He had his own study/area and was being weighted hand and foot by his mother acting like a maid. That being said even with this huge mansion he would abuse his mother because beyond being spoiled into his creativity he some how needed to abuse somebody else, in order to operate as normal.

That being said I have done photography work and worked with super wealthy, famous, notorious, and broke people at their lowest. The point being is that they all have something in common. They are bored, so bored they want to work on photography work with me. Like they need a friend, to sleep with, play with, or something different. Honest to gosh it makes me wonder what is wrong with this world. You literally in the 1990's had a millionaire who brought an island, and tattooed his body like a cheetah and had surgical fangs so he would hunt rabbits ( placed on the island ) and live like an animal. The flat fact is that he has his money that he will never leave and would not accomplish that goal at all.

Again you want to be creative but what purpose is there? Take "Axiom Verge" or even "Cave Story" two videogames made for different purposes. AV was made by somebody who just wanted to make a game for fun, while CS was a project that was made and planned out years ago to make money from.

A funny thing. People who are educated are more easy to manipulate. Why? Because their minds are so filled they are so bored. However some people learn something and their minds are not filled but again what to do when your at the top of the food chain in life in comparison to the bottom ?
Sun 22 May, 2022 10:23 am
This post was from 2008 - think she still needs answers?
Sun 22 May, 2022 10:33 am
I noticed he's been doing this all morning, not bright enough to be able to read when the thread was started.
Sun 22 May, 2022 11:56 am
And yesterday, as well. Just needs to talk, I guess, although he rarely makes sense.
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