If Women Were More Like Men: Why Females Earn Less

Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2008 11:20 am
If Women Were More Like Men: Why Females Earn Less

One of the oldest debates in contemporary social science is why women earn less than men. Conservatives tend to argue that because women anticipate taking time off to raise children, they have fewer incentives to work hard in school, and they choose careers where on-the-job training and long hours are less important. Liberals tend to focus on sex discrimination as the explanation. Obviously some mixture of those factors is at work, but academics have long been frustrated when they try to estimate which force is greater: women's choices or men's discrimination.

A new study looks at this problem in a wonderfully inventive way. In previous studies, academics have looked at variables like years of education and the effects of outside forces such as nondiscrimination policies. But gender was always the constant. What if it didn't have to be? What if you could construct an experiment in which a random sample of adults unexpectedly changes sexes before work one day? Kristen Schilt, a sociologist at the University of Chicago and Matthew Wiswall, an economist at New York University, couldn't quite pull off that study. But they have come up with the first systematic analysis of the experiences of transgender people in the labor force. And what they found suggests that raw discrimination remains potent in U.S. companies.
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Bi-Polar Bear
Reply Mon 6 Oct, 2008 11:22 am
@Robert Gentel,
if women were more like men men wouldn't be sexually frustrated and horny.
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Reply Tue 7 Oct, 2008 02:06 am
@Robert Gentel,
Actually, that IS a very elegant, if not perfect, way of approaching the issue.

Very interesting study.
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Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 03:07 pm
@Robert Gentel,
Having been in both sides of this, it very much seems like women are paid less, but I do not think this is a bad thing. Less pay mean more women get hired.
As an employer, $8 an hour for women or $10 for men means for $80/hr, you can hire ten women or eight men. For many lines of work, this is a discount often coupled with a less aggressive personality.

As a man, I was expected to do alot of heavy lifting, and there was a sense that I wouldn't be hired as easily for entry level jobs, because people expected me to be macho and take charge (I had someone literally expect me to want to be in management).
As a woman, they were more inclined to hire me, and I found some desk work, rather than yet another heavy lifting job. So in some ways, I was proud to have a lower wage. It meant I passed.
Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2022 04:32 pm
Well, you should be proud. You volunteered to diminish yourself, congrats.
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Reply Fri 28 Apr, 2023 09:30 am
Hey Misogynybot. Good to see you resuscitate a 15 year old thread (from 2008).

Not! wonderful to have your fresh take here! If you never come back? That just might be extra nice as well.
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