Reply Tue 24 Aug, 2010 05:48 pm
Well, we know that some issues are complex and that some issues have nothing to do with hating anyone or cheering for anyone. Like, for instance, some mathematical issues. So, I'm going to go with an initial "no".

However, if he was speaking about a certain kind of issue, and not issues in general, then perhaps this generalization can fly. Like perhaps if he was referring to moral or political issues. Even then the generalization wouldn't be flying very high, but it would be flying high enough that I wouldn't nip at anyone if they said something like this in passing.

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Reply Tue 24 Aug, 2010 06:59 pm
Foxfyre wrote:

I read this today. I hope some will discuss it at face value on its own merits, even if you know the author:

The reason so many people misunderstand so many issues is not that these issues are so complex, but that people do not want a factual or analytical explanation that leaves them emotionally unsatisfied. They want villains to hate and heroes to cheer" and they don't want explanations that do not give them that.

Is he right?
Per se yes, but the answer is more complex.

Our preception are distorted and subject to manipulation by:
- group think
- flock instinct
- stress
- religion, propaganda brain wash ..etc
- psycosis
- skitzophrenia
- oppotunism
- selfinterest
..etc ..etc.
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Reply Thu 26 Aug, 2010 06:37 am
GoshisDead wrote:

What makes a desire for black and white explanations a bad thing? It is practical. If we got bogged down in grey about every little thing we could not function. Black and white allows us to make quick decisions. We celebrate black and white in ethics and culture. Black and white is passionate, heroic, brave, joyful, and idealistic. Black and white simplifies. Black and white allows us to belong, which is the singular driving bio-social force for our species. Black and white is the bond between mother and child. Again what is wrong with black and white?
If we dont trully understand the problem we cannot find the best solution... for example: The "Black and White" solution for criminality is to just throw then in jail, what is inneficient and oftenly only a partial solution to the problem.

Khethil wrote:

I believe we've gone too far in our laziness and quick-to-judge indolence that not only are great injustices - between people - happening all the time, but that overall our civilization is learning to actually praise superficiality.
I think its always been this way though. This is just the first era where we can really look around and see what others are doing. I mean, in the medieval ages people scapegoated weird women then bad things happened, what is totally absurd then we think about it.

On the subject, lately there have been a lot of cases, at least in my country, of the midia taking a common murder of the type that happens everday, but with something special (Maybe of a family member, of a child, etc.) and making huge amounts of drama over it, making it hard to even not hear about it. And the people are swayed ridiculously. They are swayed to the point that even before the suspect is considered guilty you already hear cases of people trying to beat then to death or sabotating their things. It gets to the point where I suspect that it ceases to be relevant whenever the suspect is really guilty or not, because the society wouldnt just accept a "Oh, wait, he isnt guilty" afteryards.

Sometimes I hate humananity =)

GoshisDead wrote:

I was being dramatic, and a little serious. I would prefer all my major decisions to be well thought out. It isn't possible to wade through every decision, even important ones. I'm fairly certain its not even biologically possible to do so given some of the reading I have been doing lately. We are in countless situations that affect the rest of our lives everyday where a quick judgment is necessary and often not even recognized on a fully conscious level. I too share a disdain for shoddy and lazy stereotyping.

I agree. The first thing we should avaliate when we need to make a decision is how much time we have for it =)

And sometimes we just need to admit we dont have or dont want to give in enough time, and so we have to just shoot for whatever we feel is righter.
GoshisDead wrote:

So although as part of my set of ideals I agree with you, so much suffering could be avoided if people thought through stuff before they did or said it. I just don't see it as possible, and if it were I don't think we would be nearly as interesting and loving a species.
I dont think thinking before acting would make us less interesting and loving. But it would make us a pletora of other things, such as less killed by minefields =)
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Reply Thu 26 Aug, 2010 06:41 am
i've got to admit, since i started living in Hobbiton, life just seems better
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