Schools in Sydney + where to live

Reply Thu 28 Aug, 2008 10:55 am
Just been offered to move from the UK to Sydney with my company, as a consultant. I have two children whom are 3 and 6 years old and both attend Catholic school in the UK. They are also both Catholic.

I need to know if it would be better to send them to a Catholic school or to a private school, this is due to my visa being for for 4 years, so I would like our children if possible to study a UK curriculum if we move back to the UK (hopefully we will stay).Is this possible?

The other part we are struggling with is , where to live in Sydney, I would like the School to be close for my wife to take the kids to school, but also a nice area, and good rail network for me to get into the city. Can anyone recommend a good area with close schools?
My work colleague has just moved to Turramurra, becuase of the good network links. But his children are going to a German School.
Any help would be appreciated

Reply Thu 28 Aug, 2008 09:32 pm
Hell, Dave - big question!

Here - CAtholic schools are private schools. There's a Catholic primary school in most areas - and that's what your kids will need.

I'm not sure about following the UK curriculum - I wouldn't imagine it's be too different from what they teach here - but then, I'm a kid-free zone and a teacher-free zone - so don't really know.Turramurra is a nice area - but a fair way out of the city (in my opinion - and I lived there for a while) If I as going to live in Sydney for 4 years only, I'd like to be somewhere more active / involved. Turra is pretty staid / conservative / stuffy /monied! You may find this attractive in a suburb Rolling Eyes

Think about the eastern suburbs - still a good transport network, but more cosmopolitan, and beaches are close.

Or - inner weestern suburbs (where I live) good mix of people, variety of housing, good transport.

Have a look at domain.com.au - to see what sort of thing are available.

Ask any further questions here - I'll keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, I'm probably the only active Sydney member on the board right now - but I have lived here all my life (so far!)
Reply Fri 29 Aug, 2008 06:57 am
Just so you dont get confused.

public schools in Australia are funded and staffed wholly by the government.

private schools in Australia recieve the same funding but also charge parents an additional amount. (sometimes a lot more).

You will need a catholic primary school
Reply Fri 29 Aug, 2008 02:24 pm
Ya mean, I'ma confoozling this poor person???

Eh! Wotchit, yoo roo!
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