Homosexuality- a christian perspective on 'love.'

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kency123 wrote:

If you follow the OT line on gays you should be washing your couch if a menstruating woman sits on it. Please PLEASE will a non-fundamentalist Christian explain how you can be Christian and pick and choose what rules you want to follow. If Jesus made lots of the laws obsolete why haven't you re-written the book?

Not only that but it says right after in Leviticus that you are to be put to death for wearing mixed fabrics. But this never gets mentioned.

Christians always cherry pick the Bible to justify their discrimination.
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Reply Fri 20 Jan, 2017 08:39 am
I have to shake my head at the "pious" people that pompously sit there and pass judgment in complete disregard to the most basic concept of judge not lest thee be judged.

I gave a thumbs-up to your post but had to comment on this one point because so many misinterpret the oft quoted 'judge not lest ye be judged'.

Looked at one way your comment could be 'judged' as hypocritical because when you are shaking your head at others you are obviously judging them.

But that scripture fragment was not a command not to judge. It was to tell us not to judge others by a standard that we ourselves would not be willing to be judged by.

There is nothing wrong with judging others. In fact you cannot stop doing it without killing yourself, it's the way you are made. The same book tells us we must judge, it's unavoidable.

Just make sure you are not being hypocritical in whatever you judge.

btw, I don't think you were Wolfie
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Please PLEASE will a non-fundamentalist Christian explain how you can be Christian and pick and choose what rules you want to follow. If Jesus made lots of the laws obsolete why haven't you re-written the book?

You can call it 'picking and choosing' but here's how I look at it.

Priests, preachers and prophets are no different today than they were in OT days. Some of them are pedophiles, homophobes, cheat on their wives, just in it for the money, etc. Jesus himself got so pissed off at some of them that he once resorted to physical violence against them. Most of them hated him so much that they had him executed.

Now why the **** can't people (both theists and atheists) get that simple fact through their heads.

Why do you think these very flawed men are going to get the message down on paper without getting their own prejudices in the mix. If you can't recognize a writers' biases, your own standards need a tune-up.

There is a great story in that book if you can get past the writers', and your own, biases.

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Reply Sat 6 Jun, 2020 06:15 pm
@The Pentacle Queen,
The Pentacle Queen wrote:
I origionaly posted this on the relationship and marriage board, but I'm going to post it here too.
I was wondering if a christian could possibly answer the following for me:

Obviously christianity condemns homosexuality, but what does it actually condemn? The act of sex, or the act of love?
And by love I don't mean friendship, father/son love, comradeship, admiration, warrior bonds between men or anything similar.
I mean the sort of love that is usually found inside a relationship.
Imagine a non-consummated relationship between a boy and girl, perhaps the sort of a couple who are enaged, but between two men.
What does christianity say of this? Why is this sort of love wrong?

i have the Homosexual community hating on me, and i also have the Christian community hating on me, because i teach the TRUTH.

Christians hate on me, because i teach that all Homosexuals will NOT go to Hell.
Homosexuals hate on me, because i teach that anyone who continues to practice the Homosexual ACT will not enter into Heaven.

Scriptures condemns the ACT, NOT the Love between to people.

David and Jonathon loved each other so much that they would give up their life for the other. This does NOT mean they had a sexual relationship at all.

The problem with this generation is that Christians believe that if your attracted to the same sex, then your not Heaven bound, This is NOT TRUE.
The problem with this generation is that Homosexuals equate Love with sex, as if it is not possible to Love someone without having a sexual relationship with them, Also NOT TRUE. Just because you Love someone, does not make it right to have sex with them.

God from the very beginning, has plainly and clearly said a man is to have a wife, and a woman a husband. Scriptures also plainly gives instructions for how a husband is to treat his wife, and also gives instructions on how a wife is to treat her husband. NO INSTRUCTIONS given to homosexual marriages, ie, how a husband is to treat his husband or a wife her wife.

Woe to this generation of Christians who fail to Love homosexuals, and Woe to this generation of homosexuals who think they have to have sex with the one they love. BOTH will weep and gnash their teeth when they BOTH will be rejected into Heaven, because of disobedience.
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