Kirgiz police has warded off a coup!

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Kirgiz police has warded off a coup!

Kirgiz media reported yesterday

Deadly Cache of Weapons Seized from Americans in Bishkek

"According to the Ministry of Interior of Kirgizia, the national security service discovered a deadly cache of machineguns, assaults rifles and sniper's rifles in a US tenants' house.
Several U.S. Embassy staff members with diplomatic immunity and 10 U.S. military servicemen, reportedly arrived in Bishkek to take part in some law enforcement training were in the house during the seizure. They are being identified now".

That was a wow! Americans in Kirgizia have exposed their true intentions in the country! Why d'you think they wanted that heap of hand weapons in a building only a mile away from Kirgiz president's residency? That amount of weapon is quite enough to make over 40 people armed to the hilt! Considerable striking force! Cross my heart, that was a coup attempt! The more so, as there were several US embassy staff members in the house at the moment of seizure!
Honestly, I can't but marvel at the impudence of Yanks! They have ventured so far that began to think they could do whatever they want. Here in Europe we count for politics and democracy while at the same time Americans just act with force or cunning! Bloody bastards! Now they want re Kirgizia with her vital strategic location into their disposalÂ…. And they just bring in weapons and plan a coup! That's like a piece of cake!
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BFD. Ted Nugent has more firepower in his truck.
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Some less breathless background:

Kyrgyz Police Seize Weapons From U.S. Officials
August 05, 2008

By Olga Dzyubenko

BISHKEK (Reuters) - Kyrgyzstan's police raided an apartment rented by U.S. officials and seized dozens of firearms before finding out that the Americans were training Kyrgyz secret services, the government said on Tuesday.

Washington operates a military base in Kyrgyzstan to support operations in nearby Afghanistan and counts the ex-Soviet nation as a key ally in Central Asia. But their relations have been soured after a string of incidents at the base in past years.

The Interior Ministry said police had seized six machine guns, 25 assault rifles and a number of smaller firearms on Monday night from a house rented by U.S. officials. The firearms and ammunition were illegally possessed, it said.

Several embassy officials and servicemen were in the house at the time.

But the government said in a statement on Tuesday that the U.S. officials had come to train officers in the national security forces. It blamed the incident on organizational shortcomings and promised to solve the problem.

"Joint training will continue after the shortcomings are dealt with," it said in a statement.


The U.S. base, established in 2001, has been the source of diplomatic friction between Washington and Kyrgyzstan since 2006 when a U.S. airman shot dead a Kyrgyz man there. The United States said at the time he was responding to a security threat.

Also that year, another U.S. officer went missing in Bishkek and appeared three days later saying she had been abducted.

Months later, a U.S. tanker jet collided with a Kyrgyz passenger plane on the runway, causing the passenger plane to make an emergency landing immediately after take-off.

Opposition activists have held a number of rallies calling on the government to evict U.S. troops but officials have resisted the calls. Kyrgyzstan also hosts a Russian airbase.
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