Reply Sun 13 Jul, 2008 09:11 am
rosborne979 wrote:
neologist wrote:
These are limits he placed on himself, if he were to call them 'limits'

You don't know that. You only know what you will or won't worship.
He could not offer us choice if choice were not possible.
rosborne979 wrote:

neologist wrote:
One would have to ask why he would create us if he knew what our moral outcome would be - that our eventuality would be without hope.

Sort of "I know you are going to crash and burn. But hey; have a good time.. ."

What happened to "God works in mysterious ways"? Must all of its choices now make sense to us, in order for you to believe in it?

By attempting to understand God, instead of just experiencing God, aren't you inherently limiting what God can be to you?
I believe the quote you are looking for is ". . . my ways are higher than YOUR ways. . ." (Isaiah 55:9) That's not the same as God works in 'mysterious ways' ". . . For God is [a God], not of disorder, but of peace. . ." (1Corinthians 14:33)

I have no idea what you mean by the term 'experiencing god'.
Reply Fri 22 Aug, 2008 04:10 pm
I have no idea about the invisible but omnipotent allpowerful DOG sorry GOD: As an atheist I wish to understand the imporatance of God in my day today life.
Is there any god to educate me?
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