Should alimony be capped?

Reply Fri 21 Mar, 2008 02:20 pm
fishin wrote:
jespah wrote:
Fault divorces still exist but they are becoming rarer. And even in no fault states things like cheating are still brought up at times in order to try to get a bigger settlement.

I'll just add on to this and mention that while many states are considred "no-fault" that only means that someone doesn't need to be found at fault as a reason to divorce. Every state that now allows no-fault divorces also still has "at-fault" laws on the books too.

Also, I'll mention that the trend is away from mandating spousal support. The laws and society as a whole are clearly shifting away from it but the courts are much slower in adopting (the same holds true for child custody in divorce cases).

Thanks for clarifying. I believe that the spousal support and child custody changes that are happening (often not quickly enough, though) in the court system are a result of gender roles changing. Used to be, women got alimony much of the time because, let's face it, earning capabilities were not as good and they were often/nearly always the children's primary care giver. All of that is changing, to the good, I think.
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