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B. D. 7942 (Bertha Dudde)
July, 15th 1961


The movement of the spiritual over the earth extends into eternity because the spiritual itself became matter out of the earth and all creations. Hardened spiritual substance (force) became matter by the will of God; therefore, the whole creation work "Earth", as well as all creations in the entire universe emanated from Gods spiritual force in former times. This spiritual force, as "being" , was radiated from HIM . But this being turned everything in itself upside down so that it was finally hardened into spiritual substance which rose again transformed into creations of all nature.

Endless time have been required for this because this mutation happened also in lawful order. The development of that which is now visible, as the "inhabited earth" took place throughout countless phases of evolution. It was not a sudden exposed work of the creative might of God because the slow evolution also follows its purpose. Again and again spiritual particles dissolved from matter, were caught and transformed. It was a process of an unimaginable long period before the earth formed itself into a "creation work" to serve as an abode for the constantly growing, more mature spirituals which could serve, as expected in Gods eternal Salvation Plan for a natural life.

And those spirituals also needed endlessly long times in order to reach that point where it was allowed to walk "as man" over the earth, for the purpose of the final accomplishment. This last walk as man takes only a moment compared to the eternally long times of the pre- development of the earth. For God, the creation of any form was indeed but the work of a moment, because by His will and His force every thought out of Himself became an already existing work. But the resistance of the once fallen spirits determines the lapse in time for its material recast.

God did not force the rebellious spirituals. His Love-force - imprisoned them until they became more malleable and could be wrapped up according to His Plan, and be given other forms in which they could perform certain activities. But these were so little that again eternal time went by until these forms could be dissolved slowly and changed.

The birth of the earth took an endlessly long time before it could be inhabited by living beings, and these, after endless long times, again prepared to be able to serve as the last breeding place for mankind. The human soul, in all its smallest particles, passed through the creations, because the fall into the depth from the highest height was so endless that it took the same time to ascend again from the depth until the I-consciousness could be returned to the being (the soul) and could be led to its ultimate perfection , realizing the final ascent to the Height.

Creation was first begun in this way and it now includes all fallen spirits whose numbers were endless , and whose return to God therefore will also need endless times. Therefore, no end of creation can be foreseen. It will be enlivened constantly by new tiny spiritual particles which, through constant change of their outward form develop ever higher and higher. Therefore, the continuous birth and decay of every material creation can be observed.

And in this way all "creation works" always renew themselves and thus serve for the ripening of their inherent spirituality. The creation works also help mankind to unfold because they serve the physical life on earth.

As long as the free will is taken away from the spirituals, who are fettered in the creations, the striving for a higher achievement also happens in the God-wanted way. The spiritual, bound in a certain form, thereby matures slowly. But as soon as the spiritual in the state of man walks over the earth, it again possesses free will, and then, instead of progressing upwards, can remain unmoved, or even regress. In the final period of its development it can fail. This retrogression can also lead the spiritual man (the soul) ... the once fallen Ur-spirit .... to harden once more in the spiritual substance. The necessary consequence is the repeated dissolution of the soul into countless particles, which again requires the path through the material creations.

And this occurrence , which has now become necessary, again conditions the dissolution and transformation of every kind of creation works. Thus, it indicates the end of an earth-epoch and the beginning of a new one.

And so you must try to explain to yourselves that in periods which are fixed by God, such violent acts of transformation are carried out on the Creation-Work Earth. However, the. reason for such changes comes from God's Love and Wisdom, and they serve always solely for the redemption of the once fallen spirits. And you have to remember also that if people fail to recognize the right purpose of their existence, and do not use their earthly life to mature their souls to the ultimate perfection, there may be at any time such interventions by God.

This is because the only purpose of each creation work is to bring the soul of man to maturity, to help it to become what it was in the beginning -- a most perfect being -- that started out of God's Love but voluntarily apostatized. It should return again to Him, and God Himself prepared for it the way back, through all the creations of this earth.

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Wanna buy a bridge?
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I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.

All around in my home town
Theyre trying to track me down.
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the killing of a deputy,
For the life of a deputy.
But I say:

I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense.
I shot the sheriff, and they say it is a capital offense.

Sheriff john brown always hated me;
For what I dont know.
Every time that I plant a seed
He said, kill it before it grows.
He said, kill it before it grows.
I say:

I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense.
I shot the sheriff, but I swear it was in self-defense.

Freedom came my way one day
And I started out of town.
All of a sudden I see sheriff john brown
Aiming to shoot me down.
So I shot, I shot him down.
I say:

I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy.

Reflexes got the better of me
And what is to be must be.
Every day the bucket goes to the well,
But one day the bottom will drop out,
Yes, one day the bottom will drop out.
But I say:

I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy, oh no.
I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy, oh no.
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