is it easy to get a job in adelaide

Eagles Eye
Fri 6 Apr, 2012 07:32 am
Thanks Dutchy,

Yr reply gives me an alarm / warning to get on the job hunt and secure 1 before I migrate to any of the states of Australia. Note now that i have already applied for the visa and there is very little I can do to back out.. all depends on which state nominates me considering my profile. + I work in an MNC who has offices across Australia main cities (Incl Adelaide) so keeping my fingers crossed and hope for the best Smile

Thanks a ton! Once again for yr reply.

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Mon 11 Jun, 2012 12:33 am
hi dutchy,

Morning! my wife is moving to adelaide from india to do her masters in education, she's a teacher for kids with special needs,i will be accompanying her with my kids who are 14 and 16,any suggestions from your end as i will be looking to work , I work as CEO with a top retail organization here in new delhi, the only purpose of our moving is to get out of this rut of corruption and a good living and future for my kids.please mail me your answer at [email protected] ,

Mon 11 Jun, 2012 02:40 am
Hi Rajan

Work opportunities in the big cities have not improved however jobs in the mining section are available. However this means working inland thousands of kilometres from the main Cities. The money is extremely good but conditions are harsh and rough but with a good deal of determination you can survive.
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Wed 7 Nov, 2012 12:30 pm
hello dutchy!!
thanks a lot for informative share. Well i have applied for UniSA for my masters degree and i hope to be there by march 2013. In fact i am mining engineer from Nepal and i wonder if i get some extra time work to support my expenses. Apparently i hold 2 years of industrial experiences. Could u please suggest me some as you have well known ideas about SA. If so please forward me some information at this email [email protected]
Thanks in anticipation
Wed 7 Nov, 2012 04:00 pm
Hiya zombie1947.
I am not in the workforce, have been retired for 20 years, what information are you looking for?
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Mon 4 Mar, 2013 10:54 am
Hi Dutchy,

My name is Vivek Mishra, basically I am a php Developer (Software Engineer) and I have 190 skilled nominated visa for Adelaide and I may come there on 1 may can you tell what is the situation of market right now for jobs. I am ready to any kind of job on initial level, can I get any laborer type of job easily or it's difficult to get that also.
Mon 4 Mar, 2013 07:38 pm
Dutchy is not able to respond at present.

I have no idea of the work situation in Adelaide.

Try seek.com.au and see if it gives you any ideas.
Tue 5 Mar, 2013 07:14 am
thanks margo can you tell is it easy to get any kind of job (labourer) initially for survival in Adelaide.
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Thu 16 Oct, 2014 03:22 am
Hi ,
I have recieved from grant letter (subclass 190) about two months back,which sponsored by South Australia (I am required to work in SA), I am from retail field currently working as Shopping Center head(Real estate) in India I have updated my CV in seek, mycareer , etc I have also posted to all the relevant recruitment firms and companies after doing a bit of online research . but unfortunately I am not getting any calls ! I recieve responses that this time my CV is NOT shortlisted or I do not recieve a response atall , I daily apply jobs in retail and real estate relevant to my Job profile , but similar response . Some people have said that I should land in Adelaide and then try ! but it is a big decision , I am willing to work even for 40 to 50k .annual pay to start with. I have till april 2015 to make first entry .but my worry is , Is this the right time to shift ? how is the job market in South Australia , specially retail and real estate . jobs seem to be available on site but when I apply there is no response . What should be my strategy ? If some body could guide me , It would be a big help tx !
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