computer desks and chairs, ideas and opinions please.

Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2007 08:52 am
i made a "custom" recliner with a mousepad attached to it after my friend graciously (and drunkenly) destroyed my desk's keyboard tray.

so i had no place for my mouse or k/b so i just installed a plexiglass plate onto the end of the arm to hold a mousepad and held the k/b on my lap.

then i added a cupholder, and today 6 months later i decided to make an "ultra" version (yes i get very very bored at home)
me and my cousin have plans for a fully intergrated pc, microwave and fridge. too far? WE KNOW!!!!

(all inside of a recliner)

Anyone have any thoughts suggestions ideas or if you want just name off every little thing you ever disliked about your desk and chair.

what can we do to make the ULTIMATE pc chair? (with no desk, thats what makes this so fun!)
i wish i made a little more money so i could buy a camera and post pics, but im sure it wont be done fore another 2-3 months so my phone will suffice for pics when detail isnt really a big deal.

the hardest part i can foresee is mounting the monitor, i gave up and first and said make a seperate stand but thats not my style, we are going hardcore. i want the keyboard and monitor on a moving arm or something.

i wish the forum had a mspaint addon so i could draw the plans out so i could show you.

basically the right arm is getting gutted and the pc will be face up and the arm will come off to show the front of the pc.

the left arm will be the fridge, same thing arms comes up, fridge right there.

the microwave is insanity, there is simply no space but i can always create a new frame and squeeze it. utter madness is trying to put a working hot/cold water cooler in, thats too far. but its gonna happen.

minor details
- surge protector
- reading lamp
- setup completely wireless (headphones k/b mouse and printer, and maybe monitor??? i heard something about wireless monitors.)

throw me some ideas before i start cutting stuff up.

i was thinking of calling it "the raidmaster" or something similarly nerdy.
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Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2007 09:10 am
Here ya go -- just bolt one of these puppies on the chair arm.


I figured that you may as well go for 2 monitors for the Raidmaster!
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Reply Mon 19 Nov, 2007 09:19 am
I'm thinking I'm not too excited about sitting on top of a microwave.
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Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2007 09:43 am
yeah microwave out, it messes with my cell and my router, so no go for that i mean if you cant get up to heat up a hot pocket you are going to die soon anyways right? haha.

fridge was easymode
wireless k/b mouse and headphones = yay!

k/b tray is sorta hard without machining tools.

im still open to ideas, and im building a workbench, any thing i should remember to add to it?

its a pc workbench, i was thinking anti-static mats? i already got 2 surge protectors, one is on its way a 6000 joule one

My friend has a quadro someshit someshit $25,000.00 pc he is bringing over so i couldnt be too careful. 12 gb of ram type of **** LOL, 2 or 4 dual core opterons i think? i am sort of out of date on this pc **** i need to get a new sub to maxpc haha, and it has like 15 drives its insane, i wanted to make a wow video on it but i got bored of that before he brought it over and i just sold my acc.

anyways, my toolbag from home is better than any storebought one i could find, but i cant find any mats, a wrist strap is cool but i dont want to burn out 12 1gb sticks of ram if you get my drift, so i want the whole surface to be anti static so i feel safe laying them down when i work on it.

i think a cordless dremel might be good too. ill add that. help me out fellow computer geeks!
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Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2007 10:15 am
My ideal PC set up would have floating keyboard, monitor and mouse surfaces that you can adjust in any direction and lock into position. They should be able to adjust the usual up, down, forward, back, left, right. But they should also be able to be tilted in those directions.

An add-on might be a timer you can set to remind you to change positions now and then to prevent CTS.
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Reply Mon 26 Nov, 2007 10:24 am
For the workbench, don't forget to add on a small portable fan for those dog days of summer.

Might also add on a small patch of magnetic tape somewhere distant from anything the magnet would effect. Purpose would be to hold all the miscellaneous screws and clips that accumulate while a PC is being worked on.

I'll just assume that a good sound system comes automatically.

An air compressor with PC vacuum attachments for cleaning out the interior fans and keyboard junk.

Good lighting. Add a few spot lights to those floating ajustible arms that can be focused on the project.
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Reply Tue 27 Nov, 2007 07:23 am
love the magnet idea, quite brilliant actually. air compressor too i forgot about that, i cant use canned air my idiot friends inhale it like it doesnt destroy brain cells. morons...

chair idea is getting changed around, moving in 1 week 4 days and the desk is turning out beyond adequately.

putting 25-grand pc inside of desk cubby made from taking out drawers, wireless keyboard mouse and headphones, 24" lcd from newegg.

, all i need to buy is a light, wireless dremel, magnet strip, static mat, if they exist, a fan, a mini-compressor (which i will use also for airbrushing!) a power tool set, and then make a section with an angle suitable for drawing and then create some more shelving and storage.

its great, all i do is "advertise" malware and troubleshooting for pc's, my cousin ends up fixing them, and i get a pretty insane pc and an art/workbench.

seems like business is coming along "OK", minus a laptop and the linksys router. and the new apartment. money sucks by the way Sad

compressor was a great idea, i can even use it for air tools. magnet strip was great, i could see myself without losing screws like i always do and not ever thinking about the problem hahaha.

i might end up with 3 business thingies," pc repair", "graphic design, art and calligraphy", and then a fusion of the two, like "custom pcs"

going from hobbyist to businessman should be quite a challenge. desk wont be complete for another month or two probablly.

oh yeah, i should think about mounts/storage for external 1terabyte harddrives or something for cool factor. computers are too fun. or maybe i am too bored???
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