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Fri 29 Apr, 2016 12:53 pm - Good. That makes it a lot easier that you are not a teenager. My advice remains the same. Stay out of it. Hopefully you can maintain a relationship with both your mom and your dad on your own... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 10:10 am - So what are you here to argue about? Both of us want Hillary to win in the general election. I think you agree with me that we need to unite the party. I am disappointed that my guy didn't... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 09:27 am - Revelette, [b]Are we arguing about personality or about policy?[/b] I have no interest in arguing about personality. You don't need to worry about Hillary Clinton. She is not some hapless... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 08:55 am - Hillary was invited to the table. They talked over policy and she had a strong voice on the platform. That is what we are talking about here. And Bernie will probably not be given a cabinet... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 08:52 am - PBS does have liberal bias (but so do I so I don't mind). But that doesn't matter here. There is nothing in this piece that contradicts what I am saying. 1) Obamacare has been... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 08:44 am - .003" inches is 76,000 nm. That is pretty big. The DeBroglie wavelength of an typical electron beam is measured in 1 or 2 nm (if I remember correctly , tt has been a couple of decades). The... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 08:02 am - There are several possible explanations, one is that given the energy of the beam and the distance between the slots the effect is small enough to not notice. You would have to do the math to know... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 07:22 am - Here you go Leadfoot. Of course this is just a demonstration, the presenter would still have to show the mathematics to make this a valid proof of anything. But it does work.... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 07:18 am - Leadfoot, it is not "demonstrably false". There are mathematical models predicting the interference pattern you see in the double slit experiment. I have done this experiment in my... (view)
Fri 29 Apr, 2016 07:00 am - Let's just say I disagree with you about Obamacare, and the numbers back me up. Obamacare did lower the number of uninsured... and that is a good thing. But Obamacare is failing... (view)
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