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Sat 1 Aug, 2015 09:56 pm - In my opinion, the "Ignore" feature should be a personal thing. Each person should decide for him or herself who is worth engaging with, and who is one of the "crazies". The... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 09:37 pm - What do you mean by "run threads"? Do you understand my point that you don't control the threads you start here; that anyone is free to express their opinions even if they disagree... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 09:31 pm - I think Bill Gates is counting in base 13. (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 09:22 pm - Ignoring posts you don't like is fine. Engaging is fine. Calling names and making personal attacks is not fine (at least in my opinion). You don't control the threads you start here.... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 09:06 pm - I would also like to hear your answer to the hypocrisy of your position. You are upset that trolls have expressed their opinion on a thread you started. Yet, you are currently active on... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 09:01 pm - No Edgar. It is because I express my opinion that you disagree with. My response to your post was me expressing my opinion. It was addressed to people who want to have a discussion on the topic.... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 08:52 pm - The three self-identified trolls here have recently been on the receiving end of personal attacks from Setanta and Edgar (who I think you and I will both agree are not trolls). I don't think... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 07:33 pm - There is a clique here Edgar, and you know it. And you are wrong that anyone, or any group of members, has the right to control how other members post. You can choose to engage or challenge... (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 07:08 pm - Most of the personal attacks aren't coming from the trolls. (view)
Sat 1 Aug, 2015 02:11 pm - You are both more than welcome. Sit down, have a leg of mutton. (view)
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