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I had enough seeing people's true colour in life.
Life full of envy,hatred and coaxing others to take advantage but that doesn't mean it will be a burden for me. Simply, i will carry on cause no one worth it.
My motto "show respect or bugger off "
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Fri 7 Aug, 2015 11:15 am - I BEG YOUR PARDON ! (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 06:35 pm - Hey everyone ! I got 7.o in the IELTS exam but unfortunately my certificate duration has been expired for 2 weeks. I am going to leave the forum for a while but I will come back again cause I am... (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 06:01 pm - The word 'onomatopoeia' comes from the combination of two Greek words, one meaning 'name' and the other meaning 'I make,' so onomatopoeia literally means 'the... (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 05:51 pm - I got used to this word till now lol (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 05:47 pm - Yes, I am sure it is a lovely story. I think there is nothing wrong about the writing though. it is well written don't underestimate people's abilities, mate ! (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 02:31 pm - Brain fuses into three Part to think of you Part to be touched And last to be inhaled I got love flu pervade my heart I can be cured I can be healed With one soul, I’ll be alive (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 02:22 pm - Not really, what type of genre is that ! i watched DR.WHO and it is BRIL ! (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 02:13 pm - Roberta Pennington May 20, 2014- The national’s newspaper Abstract: When most people pop in their head or think of a word “disability” they instantly picture someone on a... (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 02:03 pm - Hey there ! Thanks :D (view)
Mon 3 Aug, 2015 02:01 pm - You can call me Zozo by the way My first language is English not Arabic but I know how to speak Arabic too and yes cause i raised in UK then moved to UAE. Glad you feel secured now ! xD (view)
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