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Tue 31 Jan, 2023 10:25 pm - I was in Thailand in December, where everyone masks everywhere. They're doing a reasonable job of keeping Covid numbers down. In Australia, where hardly anyone masks, it is ripping through the... (view)
Thu 26 Jan, 2023 08:57 pm - Like, like, like, like, like…….doesn’t strike me as the words of a knowledgeable researcher or manager. (view)
Wed 25 Jan, 2023 01:27 am - Every time I see a story about an anti-vax covid denier dying, I have a little chuckle. Darwinism at work. (view)
Thu 19 Jan, 2023 04:42 pm - [quote="Builder"] [quote]....paid for by loving philanthropists....[/quote] Speaking of those types; have they let Willy Gaytes out of his box again? He was quite gleeful about... (view)
Thu 12 Jan, 2023 03:40 am - He’s a sociopath. (view)
Wed 11 Jan, 2023 05:20 pm - This is the inevitable and logical conclusion to the gunsanity. A fvcking war zone. Where no one is safe (view)
Tue 10 Jan, 2023 09:34 pm - I saw Elton John last night. Awesome show (view)
Sun 8 Jan, 2023 04:36 am - Also can’t help but notice that they’ve gone awfully quiet here. (view)
Sun 8 Jan, 2023 04:35 am - Given the desire by the gun nuts to arm teachers, what would be the response if a teacher shot a six-year-old? (view)
Sat 7 Jan, 2023 06:14 pm - [quote="izzythepush"] [quote="Mame"] Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I read the headline. [/quote] I could, nothing surprises me about gun nuts. When other... (view)
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