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Thu 17 Sep, 2020 04:24 pm - [img width=960][/img] (view)
Fri 11 Sep, 2020 03:10 am - Seriously? Vertical, venetian, holland? Google couldn’t have answered? Or the yellow pages? (view)
Thu 10 Sep, 2020 06:49 pm - [quote="thebobeternal"] Why do you so vehemently support a president who dog whistles to white supremacy groups? [/quote] Because he's a white supremacist. (view)
Wed 9 Sep, 2020 06:28 pm - [quote="maiden-usa"] [quote="MontereyJack"] Your propagandistic puppet masters are working overtime, I see. they really can sell you any horseshit they want to and... (view)
Tue 8 Sep, 2020 03:25 am - [youtube][/youtube] (view)
Thu 3 Sep, 2020 10:19 pm - [youtube][/youtube] (view)
Thu 3 Sep, 2020 10:15 pm - [youtube][/youtube] (view)
Tue 1 Sep, 2020 05:02 pm - [quote="Walter Hinteler"] The former Australian prime minister – and possibly soon to be joint trade president for the UK – Tony Abbott, said in a speech in London that maybe... (view)
Tue 1 Sep, 2020 04:32 am - Australia’s cases surged through winter, and are now falling off again. I don’t have sufficient knowledge or information to say that the cold weather was responsible. Just to say that... (view)
Mon 24 Aug, 2020 04:20 am - Tickets for Hamilton secured today. It’s still 11 months away, and got very good (but expensive) tickets in an almost sold out house - and we were on the pre-sale list. (view)
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