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Thu 23 Aug, 2018 02:27 pm - Thank you :) I hope so! (view)
Thu 23 Aug, 2018 07:25 am - I told him that, and he was cool with it. I think I'm gonna have to talk to him about how we are moving forward, and that I need more dates before doing it. (view)
Thu 23 Aug, 2018 07:24 am - I did in fact send him a message last night, about changing the location of the date to somewhere more public. He suggested movie-night in his apartment, but I told him it was a bit unsocial if we... (view)
Wed 22 Aug, 2018 01:07 pm - I moved to a new city, and in my country it's a common dating app. Even though many think of it as a sex-app. People I know have met their boyfriend there, so I thought why not. (view)
Wed 22 Aug, 2018 04:57 am - I met a guy on tinder, we had our second date yesterday. He seems very nice and I really want to get to know him. At the end of our last date, he invited me back to his place. I said I could come... (view)
Fri 10 Nov, 2017 03:10 pm - I didn’t do it.. thank god 😂 (view)
Fri 10 Nov, 2017 01:33 pm - Even tho it isn’t. It sure feels like it when you’re crushing. I can’t help the way I feel. I wish.. (view)
Fri 10 Nov, 2017 01:24 pm - Thanks, I will.... But the thing is.. I don't get attracted to a lot of men, usually when it happens, it is very intense, and I tend to make them "my one and only", even if its just... (view)
Fri 10 Nov, 2017 12:14 pm - Yes I know, but it is just so intense right now. Hopefully it will pass. I'm gonna try to behave normally, because there is a chance I'll meet him again.... And yeah, it is not the best... (view)
Fri 10 Nov, 2017 11:37 am - Yes, it's that guy. He is not from the same country as I am, so he his family is in his country. I was really hoping he was singel. I guess you're right... He is attached. It just... (view)
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