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Tue 3 May, 2022 03:28 pm - As a general observation broadly related to the rise in fascism - there is a general rise in extremism (of any type) in Western Countries, which seem to me to generally be a result of: - loss of... (view)
Mon 2 May, 2022 05:39 pm - I've no issue with me being wrong in attempting to interpret what you said - hence why I said 'if so, then...' I'm also aware of how the megarich pay little to no tax.... (view)
Mon 2 May, 2022 03:55 pm - Is that an argument for them paying less taxes? If so, then I think perhaps you have fallen for their propaganda - this is a lie they've been pedalling for decades, with an obvious motive -... (view)
Mon 2 May, 2022 03:25 pm - The past few pages have been very interesting. I find myself not fully agreeing with either 'side' of the argument. Frank for example said in the same post, something like '[i]we... (view)
Sat 23 Apr, 2022 11:32 pm - Well at least it is not a diversion. [quote]Because i [b][u]understand[/u][/b] the connection.[/quote] [b][u]Understanding[/u][/b] involves an ability to articulate that understanding (how... (view)
Sat 23 Apr, 2022 10:57 pm - You realise your OP was about [i]'[color=#0000FF]China's commie social credit score now in EU'[/color][/i]? And when challenged, you've responded by trying to divert attention... (view)
Sat 23 Apr, 2022 04:19 pm - [quote]It´s obvious the establishment no longer believe in democracy. Now we have studies where it looks like the "vaccines" destroy the immune system. In a year many will likely... (view)
Sat 23 Apr, 2022 03:00 am - So you don't have any supportive explanation at all - just 'I think it is so' (view)
Fri 22 Apr, 2022 10:39 pm - Where are you coming up with this nonsense from? Perhaps you'd like to explain how a voluntary rewards system ends up being mandatory and totalitarian? Rewards systems: - have been run for... (view)
Fri 22 Apr, 2022 05:01 pm - Ummm...the China one penalises people for 'unvirtuous behaviour' right? While an Italian city has it as a rewards card for recycling, low energy consumption, using public transport... (view)
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